Hello All,

We just wanted to make a quick post noting that an update has been released for the JEFIT iPhone/iOS 3.41 version fixing the bug that was plaguing listening to music while resting timer was counting down as well as reducing the size of the application from 25MB to around 19.7MB thus improving functionality and allowing those who cannot connect to WiFi to be able to download the JEFIT iPhone/iOS application through their data services.

1.) Bug Fix – Resting Timer Will No Longer Stop Music - With the last update there was an issue with users listening to music and having their resting countdown timer stopping their music as soon as the timer was up. We fixed this issue so now when you have your JEFIT Application open and are listening to either your iPod/iTunes, Pandora or Spotify music, the countdown timer will not stop the song that is currently playing. This was becoming a real pain for many of our users as you would have to go back after each 60 second resting timer and then turn your music back on, tedious and quite an annoyance.

2.) Reduced App Size – Another thing we were able to quickly do which is important to our iPhone/iOS users is that we reduced the size of the JEFIT iPhone/iOS Application from 25MB to around 19.7MB thus improving the functionality of the program with faster loading pages and more importantly this allows for our users to download the application who cannot connect to WiFi. The one thing about applications and downloading them from the App Store is that if an app is over 20MB it requires a user to connect to WiFi to be able to download the application, thus our application fell underneath this issue as users who did not have WiFi were not able to download our application. So now as the application is currently 19.7MB, all users can download and use the JEFIT Workout Application without needing a WiFi Connection and can use their data plans to attain our workout application!

Head on over to the iPhone and iTunes App Store NOW to pick up your copy of the JEFIT iPhone/iOS Workout Bodybuilding App!

- We are hoping and planning on a tentative finishing of the JEFIT iPhone/iOS Pro Workout Application this Friday so that we are able to turn it into the iTunes App Store for a hopeful release early next week, the development team has been hard at work finishing the application up, testing for bugs and making sure that it is fully functional so that our users will have this application in their hands before they know it and meets up to the JEFIT Standards.

- As soon as the development is complete for the JEFIT iPhone/iOS Application were are right away moving onto the Android Pro and Free Applications to tend to bug fixes and new features/functions for our Android Users, we have been pulling together all .bak files and are getting them together so that we will be able to finish the updates for the Android Version quickly and efficiently so those who are sending in their .bak files or emails to support@jefit.com, we truly appreciate it. We are doing our best to make replies to all users who are having issues with our Android App and we want to let you know we have not forgotten you or abandoned you at all, we are just finishing up on the iPhone/iOS apps and then right away moving over to fix up and add on the Android Applications.

* Don’t forget to fill out, complete, and update your Online JEFIT Profile to be one of the featured community members and chance to be a JEFIT Member of the Week! *

Again we would like to thank you all for your on-going support and usage of the JEFIT Website, the JEFIT Android Bodybuilding and Workout Application and the JEFIT iPhone Bodybuilding and Workout Application. We hope that you enjoy the new features that we are unrolling out to the community and bringing you to both the website and apps!


Hello All,

1.) iPhone/iOS Keyboard Input UI Redesign (With Prev/Next/Done Buttons on top of the Keyboard – We have Redesigned the Keyboard Input for ease of entering in information before/during and after a workout and having the most important buttons being featured in more noticeable and accessible areas. As before certain buttons such as the next, done and previous buttons would be located in spots the would interfere with inputting information and we wanted to structure out the Keyboard Input to make entering in information and switching to each Text Field easier and more accessible.

2.) Redesigned UI – Home and Statistics Pages – As soon as you open up the JEFIT iOS Application you will notice a redesign in the JEFIT Home Page User Interface that resembles the look of the Android Applications but a few new buttons and features to make our UI more user-friendly and accessible then before. Rather than having block buttons that state each section on the application, we have added in more symbols to resemble the pages on our application making it more universal in the process and aesthetically appealing in the usage of the JEFIT iPhone/iOS Application.

Home Page

Along with the Redesigned Home Page, we have also Redesigned the statistics page to feature user-profile pictures as well as displaying more data and information about your profile/account. The display resembles the Android Application Statistics Page Display, a mini display of your My-JEFIT Profile from the website right on your application to view and track your progress after each exercise/workout.

3.) Ability to take Progress Pictures – We have finally introduced the Progress Picture taking function to the iOS Application in which users can now take their own progress photos to see how well they are doing within their workouts and upload them to the JEFIT Server, creating progress picture albums. With the iOS Display functions we have included a fade in and out function when viewing your progress photos to see the drastic changes you have made while using our application. An example would be posing in front of the mirror and say viewing the progress of weight loss or even a gain in abdominal muscles from the start of your workouts to where you currently are at now. We feel that this a great feature rather than just having pictures sliding in and out as you can actually see a bit of a comparison from yourself at the start of your routines and how you used to look, and the progression you have made to this date.

4.) Fix Alarm Bug (Notification of Rest Timer Alarm) – This bug has plagued our users since the introduction of the JEFIT iOS Application, as when you start your resting timer and exit the JEFIT Workout Application to lets say your iTunes Music or another Application, the resting timer will either start or not notify the user that the timer has ended. We have introduced a new notification system, sort of like receiving a text message from the JEFIT Workout Application but a notification message (At the top of the screen/Widget Slidedown) letting you know that your resting timer is about to end and allowing you to click on the message thus returning back to the JEFIT Workout Application and your routine. Also when you are navigating outside of the JEFIT Workout Application while the Resting Timer is currently running, the timer will continue without any problems or stopping. Previously this would affect users as they would return to the application and the resting timer would continue from the time you left off previously (with no progression at all), but now the application will continue the timer until finished and issues you a notification of its completion.

* Also we wanted to let our iPhone and iOS users know that the JEFIT iOS Application requires users to have Version 4.0 or Higher for their iOS Device to currently run the application due to the new enhancements and SDK changes we have made with this update. *


JEFIT iPhone/iOS Pro – Along with the development of this current update, we have also been duel coding/developing the JEFIT iPhone/iOS Pro Application in the process so those of you who are indeed looking for more features/functions and for some of the functions featured on the Android Pro Application, these will ALL be featured on the JEFIT iPhone/iOS Pro Application that is going to be released soon. We have been working on both updates at the same time including these newest functions/redesigns and features for both versions of the App and now are currently moving onto the development and completion of the JEFIT iPhone/iOS Pro App. We will be providing more information, details and a post about the iPhone/iOS Pro Version when it is complete and ready for release but that version is currently being developed on at this moment.

* Don’t forget to fill out, complete, and update your Online JEFIT Profile to be one of the featured community members and chance to be a JEFIT Member of the Week! *

We will be posting more information as soon as the updates are released and when other updates are ready to soon be released, keeping all of members up to date on what is happening behind the scenes at JEFIT and what is currently being worked on for you guys.

Again we would like to thank you all for your on-going support and usage of the JEFIT Website, the JEFIT Android Bodybuilding and Workout Application and the JEFIT iPhone Bodybuilding and Workout Application. We hope that you enjoy the new features that we are unrolling out to the community and bringing you to both the website and apps!

Hello All,

We wanted to provide you with an update of what is currently being worked on this moment here at the JEFIT Office and soon to be released for our users for both the JEFIT Workout Applications as well as new changes/features for the JEFIT Website.

JEFIT iPhone Free Update – One of the focusing points we have had from the middle of December until this moment have been the updates on both the JEFIT Free iPhone Application as well as the development of the iPhone Pro Application. Some of the changes that are going to be included in this update are a Redesigned Keyboard Input UI, Redesigned Home Page UI, Redesigned Statistics Page UI, Progress Picture Taking and a few other little changes. We will make a post detailing these updates further as soon as the update has been released and give a final description of all of the functions that have been added into the application.

JEFIT iPhone Pro Version 1.0 – The main goal going into the New Year was developing and having the release of the JEFIT iPhone Pro Workout Application which will feature the functionality of the JEFIT Android Pro Workout Application with a few new features as well as a redesigned UI. We have been translating the code from the Android Pro over to the iPhone Pro as well as adding in the new features from the Free Version of the iPhone Application into the Pro Version, so we have been progressing on two versions/updates at the same time. We are extremely excited in releasing this Pro Version for our iPhone users so that they get the same experiences that our Android Users are getting as well as a few others.

JEFIT Andorid Update – Features/Bug Fixes – We have been receiving .bak files and bug reports from the last update of the JEFIT Android Application and are working through the list of suggestions we have been provided with from our users to bring forth new features for the next JEFIT Free and Pro Versions. We have not forgotten about our Android Users at all, we have been extremely focused on finishing up the iPhone Free Version update as well as the development of the iPhone Pro Application that our efforts have been put forth to complete these tasks then move forward upon the Android Updates.

JEFIT Website – Exercise Database Changes – As we continue to update the JEFIT Applications, we are moving forward with providing new features and functions for the JEFIT Website with revamping the JEFIT Exercise Database with more detailed information regarding exercises, detailed exercise listings and so forth. We are also looking into revamping the custom exercise database to allow for more information to be placed into each exercise created by you, the JEFIT User, as well as hopefully including images and videos to detail the exercises that you have created further. As we understand with the JEFIT Website and Application, the custom exercise entry option is very limited as you are only able to provide the body part and name for the exercise and not able to give a description, detailed muscle listing, explanation on how to perform the exercise and provide images/video as reference of what the exercise looks like.

JEFIT Website – New Supplement Database – Another new feature we are adding into the JEFIT Website is the JEFIT Nutritional Section with the first new pages we are adding into the JEFIT Website is the JEFIT Supplement Database. Supplements are a major part of bodybuilding and weight lifting whether it be proteins, weight gainers or pre-workout supplements to vitamins, omega-3′s and minerals to strengthen the body and mind. We want to provide a giant list of supplements for users to look through and add to their JEFIT Profile to show their fellow members what they currently take or use while performing the routines they have created in their JEFIT Workout Application. A user can be very fit and tone, along with having a great routine and other users will want to know what type of supplements they might take to assist their workouts/routines, this new supplement database will help provide that information for all of our users.

The next feature we are focusing upon in the nutritional database will be the inclusion of a food database/calorie tracker as nutrition/Diet Plans and tracking of calories is extremely important to fitness/working out.

JEFIT Forums Access through the JEFIT App – One feature that has been suggested by one of our users, was to have ease of access to the JEFIT Forums through either mobile browsing or a separate page on the JEFIT Application. We have been looking into this option and understand that our forums have grown in size, amount of posts and members accessing/using our forums that we want to provide an easier tool and functionality for them to be able to utilize the JEFIT Forums without having to log on through their computers/mobile web browsers.

JEFIT App – Revamping Cardio Tracking System – As we do understand our Cardio Tracking System is extremely basic and lacking compared to other applications out on the market, one of the things we have been doing is looking into revamping our cardio tracking system, providing more and better options into tracking/recording cardio workouts and improving on the system that we currently have at the moment. Cardio is a major part of fitness, building endurance and stamina, losing weight and what many users perform while at the gym and to have a better/more refined cardio system will only make the JEFIT Workout Application that much better in terms of features provided for our users.

We also wanted to say Thank You and Welcome to JEFIT and the JEFIT Community to many of our new members and users who have joined us in this brand new year of 2012, starting off their New Years Resolutions the right way with utilizing the JEFIT Workout Application to help benefit their workouts and get motivated to change their lives, health and bodies. Our traffic and website usage has gone way up since the New Year and has given us a breath of new and fresh air to be even more dedicated to the JEFIT Website and Applications, to generate more updates, bring in new features, revamp old features and do what it takes to provide the best services and tools possible for our JEFIT Members and users of the Website and Application. We cannot thank you all enough as we truly appreciate the support and for all of you being dedicated to the JEFIT Company, the Application, and supporting us as we do our best to provide you with our continued dedication, top quality apps and website features, and support with our services.

* Don’t forget to fill out, complete, and update your Online JEFIT Profile to be one of the featured community members and chance to be a JEFIT Member of the Week! *

We will be posting more information as soon as the updates are released and when other updates are ready to soon be released, keeping all of members up to date on what is happening behind the scenes at JEFIT and what is currently being worked on for you guys.

Again we would like to thank you all for your on-going support and usage of the JEFIT Website, the JEFIT Android Bodybuilding and Workout Application and the JEFIT iPhone Bodybuilding and Workout Application. We hope that you enjoy the new features that we are unrolling out to the community and bringing you to both the website and apps!

Hello All,

With the release of the new Home, Community Home, Member List and Member Photos pages, we hope you all have been able to enjoy these new website features and get to know your fellow JEFIT Members further than before.

We have just released the latest update to the JEFIT Android Workout Application, JEFIT Pro Version 4.2.1118 and JEFIT Free Version 3.3.1118. In this update we have introduced some new timer functions to the Weight/Rep Recording Page as well as revamped our Exercise Re-Ordering System on the routine list page.

New Drag and Drop Re-Order System - With the new re-ordering system, we have made it easier for users to revamp their current routine and move exercises around without having to click various buttons over and over again. Previously users would have to click Re-Order, then next to each exercise click the buttons “Up” or “Down”, thus taking a while to have to re-order their routine list. In this new feature we have made it so all the user has to do is click on an exercise and then drag it to the respective spot they would like it in their routine followed by clicking save to save the order of their routine. It is important though to make sure that you are clicking on the icon next to the exercise name as the icon triggers the action of the drag and drop feature followed by clicking Save Changes to make sure that the changes that you have made to your re-order are saved

Interval Countdown Timer - When opening up the Weight/Rep Recording page, users will instantly notice the new timer image on the right hand panel where it lists the current set of the exercise being performed. Clicking this button will initiate the new Countdown Timer function that will appear on the top of the page allowing the user to start a countdown of how long they would like to perform an exercise for. The timer is automatically set to 60 seconds but by clicking the text field, the user can set the timer to the desired countdown they would like for their exercise.

Stop Watch Function - By clicking the Stop Watch button once again, you will initiate the Stop Watch Function which the application will generate a stop watch feature beginning from Zero and counting up to when you would like the timer to start. This is great for users who would like to see how many repetitions of a certain exercise they can complete before getting exhausted or how long it would take them to complete a certain amount of sets for an exercise. Rather than having to open up a separate stop watch application, the weight/rep recording page contains this function for ease of use and access for those who like to complete their exercises under a timer.

We hope that you enjoy this new Android Update as well as the new website features, we will be working on the iPhone update next week as well as revamping some web material and then some new announcements coming next month.

* Don’t forget to fill out, complete, and update your Online JEFIT Profile to be one of the featured community members and chance to be a JEFIT Member of the Week! *

Again we would like to thank you all for your on-going support and usage of the JEFIT Website, the JEFIT Android Bodybuilding and Workout Application and the JEFIT iPhone Bodybuilding and Workout Application. We hope that you enjoy the new features that we are unrolling out to the community and bringing you to both the website and apps!

New Drag and Drop

Countdown Timer

Stop Watch Function

Hello All,

As we continue to update the JEFIT Website with new pages and features, we wanted to announce that we have released the latest new JEFIT web pages bringing JEFIT Members closer together, these of which being the Community, Member List and Member Photo pages.

JEFIT Community
JEFIT Members List
JEFIT Member Photos

The Community page will serve as a main home menu to view the latest JEFIT users of the week, the featured men and women of JEFIT, and of course the latest uploaded Progress Picture Albums and Progress Pictures. As we have a very large user base and website, we wanted to bring our users closer together to see the progress of their fellow members, get an insight into who is using JEFIT on a daily basis and benefiting from the use of their applications in their workouts. Users can connect with each other, become friends, comment on each other’s walls and pictures, view photos (if able due to privacy settings) and get motivated from their fellow member’s progress.

On the Member List page, users are able to search through their fellow member profiles and see who has a complete and update profile, who has been using the JEFIT Application, view progress, stats and other information regarding their fellow JEFIT users. Currently we have a basic search function as you are able to view users who have profile pictures or through the various sexes (male/female) as well as those who have set up their privacy settings from Everyone to Private. This gives our members the ability to see who else is using the application and see who they are interacting with on the site.

The final page being the Member Photos page serves as an opportunity for JEFIT Members to see the latest progress pictures and progress picture albums a user uploads to the JEFIT Server. We here at JEFIT feel that this page is important as members can provide motivation and support to their fellow users who have uploaded a new progress picture showing off how well they have been doing with their workouts and using JEFIT. It also can provide a user who is viewing the Member Photos page, inspiration to go forth in their workout and push themselves harder from seeing another member who has either lost weight, gain a significant amount of muscle or has seen serious changes in their physique. As a community, as a JEFIT family we are here to support each other through the common goal and interest we are here for and that is fitness, working out, exercising and seeing changes in our own bodies. By providing users with positive feedback and comments, this can give motivation, confidence and the support one needs to go that extra distance in their routine to continue on the path they are on to a happier and healthier individual.

*Note* All photos involving any sort of Nudity will not be accepted and will result in an immediate removal of the photo, user warning and if continued posting of explicit photos, ban from the JEFIT Website *

We all hope that you utilize these new pages and enjoy the new functions and features we are developing/designing for the JEFIT Website and for your usage. It is important to bring the JEFIT Community closer together, for users to interact with each other and build friendships and bonds through a common interest. This is only the beginning for what we have in store for the community section of the JEFIT website as we have more pages/features in development that we are hoping to have out in a few weeks as well as new changes to other pages on the site as well.

Also we will be working on development for the next iPhone and Android update so for those of you who are awaiting the release of the next JEFIT Application Update, development will start and be released soon.

Again we thank you very much for your continued usage and support of both JEFIT Workout Applications and the JEFIT Website and hope that you all enjoy these new web features.

Hello All,

We hope that you are all currently enjoying the latest update for the Android and iPhone Bodybuilding Applications as well as the latest update for the Android Application fixing the bugs and issues that many were having with the last release. As stated with the last Android update we have been focusing on improving the functionality between the JEFIT Website and the JEFIT Workout Application, allowing users to instantly update their profile pictures and avatar photos on the fly with the latest pictures that they have taken. We want users to be able to use their application alongside their profiles on the JEFIT Website to get the full JEFIT experience while also getting to know their fellow members and interact with each other, which is why we included the comment and profile viewing/privacy section a few weeks back.

Today we have updated user’s profiles with the ability to fill out your About Me section with fields like your location, occupation, why you got into working out, what motivates you, the supplements you take and so forth. This gives our users a deeper sense of knowing who their fellow members are and what they are like, even developing friendships based upon common interests and likes that one individual might have with their fellow member. To access this page, log into your MY-JEFIT Profile and under the JEFIT Social Section, you will notice the new “About Me” section which will allow you to enter in your information into the data fields. Users can share a common bond based upon the type of occupation they are in along with their routine, which could inspire other users to work just as hard as that individual and download their routine to see how it works for themselves. The one important thing that we want for our members is to get acquainted with each other, to expand our community and bring our members together as one in the common interest and goal that we all have, which is fitness and living a healthier life. We also added the button on the MY-JEFIT Page called View Profile Page which allows you to view your own profile based upon how your fellow members get to view your information.

Along with this update we are indeed working on the latest update for both the Android and iPhone Applications and more Website updates and features such as revamping the Exercise and Routine Database with deeper search functionality, creating custom exercises and uploading them into the JEFIT Server for other users to download and use on their JEFIT Workout Applications, more features for the MY-JEFIT Profile Page and much much more that we of course want to keep under wraps but know all of you will enjoy and will make great use of.

Again we would like to thank you all for your on-going support and usage of the JEFIT Website, the JEFIT Android Bodybuilding and Workout Application and the JEFIT iPhone Bodybuilding and Workout Application. We hope that you enjoy the new features that we are unrolling out to the community and bringing you to both the website and apps!

Hello All,

We have released a Bug Update for the JEFIT Pro and Free Workout Applications for the Android Device. There have been some errors and issues pertaining to the previous update release and with this latest update we were able to fix a few bugs that have been plaguing many of our users.

1.) Log Editing Force Close Bug - In some specific cases, there have been issues with the JEFIT Workout Application force closing while returning and editing previous logs, this fixes the error at hand.

2.) Vol. C Chart Force Close Bug – There have been users the have been experiencing errors with the JEFIT Pro Bodybuilding Application with the Vol C. Chart force closing. We have fixed this issue so there is no longer any errors pertaining to the application force closing.

3.) Routine and Exercise Re-Order Bug - With the last update there were also issues regarding the routine and exercises in an individuals routine that would be re-ordered incorrectly and have problems with the structure and layout of their routine. We have fixed this bug and there is no longer a re-ordering error at all.

We apologize for the inconvenience and hassles our users have been experiencing with these bugs and the latest update of the application and hope that with this new update, there are no bugs at hand and fixes the problems that many are experiencing.

Again we would like to thank you all for your on-going support and usage of the JEFIT Website, the JEFIT Android Bodybuilding and Workout Application and the JEFIT iPhone Bodybuilding and Workout Application. We hope that you enjoy the new features that we are unrolling out to the community and bringing you to both the website and apps!

Hello All,

We hope that many of you haven’t succumb’d to the cold weather yet and starting giving up on your workouts or diet plans. The winter time is the worst when it comes to continuing your routines and working out as the temperature change along with daylight savings time can cause a reluctance to get into the gym and work out when you can stay nice and warm inside along with being comfortable.

We wanted to let you all know that we have released an update for the Android Pro and Free Applications, JEFIT Pro Version 4.2.1010 and JEFIT Free 3.3.1010. This update focuses upon the usage of profile picture function that is currently available on the Android Device and transferring the pictures that you take instantly to be either set as your profile picture or avatar on the JEFIT Website. We want our users to get more active on the JEFIT Website with posting up Profile and Progress Pictures to receive feedback from your fellow users and gain that sense of pride and motivation from what you have accomplished already. The other reason as to why we are featuring this as the main focus upon this update is that within the next week to week and a half, we will be introducing the Community Section on the JEFIT Website that will be highlighting our most active users, our most inspirational users and mainly focusing upon you, the JEFIT Users to be the main highlight of the website and the application. The ability to set your profile picture and avatars will be important as you can instantly keep your profile updated with the latest photos without having to turn on your computer to upload what you have taken, with the simple and easy click of a button your profile picture on the website will be instantly changed to highlight your progress.

1.) Added Thumbnails to the Workout Routines – Added thumbnail images of the exercises in your workout routine list, same as the thumbnails that have been added to the exercise database.

2.) Ability to set up Profile Images and Ability to Upload/Download Profile Pictures – JEFIT Members are now able to either upload Progress Pictures to their Profile Picture or Avatar Picture from the JEFIT Workout Application or even download Profile and Avatar Pictures from their JEFIT Online Accounts onto their Android Devices.

We are also going to be planning on revamping our Cardio Tracking System on the Website as well as the iPhone and Android Applications, rolling out some new pages and features on the JEFIT Website and a bunch of other stuff that we are still currently planning out but will have details on in the future.

Also for those who may have missed we have added new features to JEFIT Members Profiles Update and Released the JEFIT iPhone Version 3 Update as well Version 3

Again we would like to thank you all for your support and choosing JEFIT as your workout application to help you maintain your fitness and achieve goals that you have set out. We of course will be keeping you all up to date on the development of the IPhone Application along with many other functions and features.

Don’t forget to like us on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/pages/Jefit/157889414221740 and Follow us on Twitter at @JefitTechnology. Also interact on the JEFIT Forums with your fellow JEFIT Members and Users

Stay up to date and keep the progress up! Thank you all again!

Hello All,

As we continue to work and improve on the JEFIT Workout Application, we have always been working diligently on improving the functionality and features of the JEFIT Website and each and everyone of our Member’s Profile Pages. With the Member’s Page what we have done is added in a new Privacy Setting Function, the ability to view other user’s Logs and Statistics as well as comment on a user’s page. We here at JEFIT feel that this start and beginning to the social media aspect of the JEFIT Website is crucial to getting the community together and for all JEFIT Members to interact with each other, provide support and give motivation to others in need. As you may have known we do have the JEFIT Forums which provides users with the ability to interact with your fellow users but with this new addition to the JEFIT Website and the Membership page, the ability to add friends, comment on a users page, view their statistics and offer support and motivation we feel that this is a step forward for the improvement of each member’s My-JEFIT Profile page and to bring the community together as one.

In the Privacy Setting page, users are able to change their privacy to Everyone, JEFIT Members, Friends Only, Myself Only or Customize who can see what in your profile and what is public and what is private.

- Everyone : Just as the word means, setting your privacy settings to everyone will allow for everyone to view your information and statistics from Guests to JEFIT Member’s themselves. So if you want everyone to be able to view your profile, information, statistics and logs, you can set your privacy settings to Everyone.

- JEFIT Members (Recommended) : With the JEFIT Members privacy setting, only JEFIT Members are able to view your information, so those individuals who do not have a JEFIT Membership or account aren’t able to view your information or statistics. We recommend that JEFIT Users set their profile settings to this as it will allow you to interact and receive the motivation and support from your fellow JEFIT Members. To increase the usage in the community and bring all users together.

- Friends Only : Only your friends on the JEFIT Website and those who you have added to your friends list will be able to view your information and your logs.

- Myself Only : This means what it states, you and only you are able to view your information and logs, not your friends, not guests, only you.

- Customize : Allows for you, the JEFIT Member to be able to customize who sees certain information on your profile and edit it the way that you would like to.

JEFIT Members are now also able to comment on other user’s profiles to provide support and motivation through your routine and towards the goals that you are setting for yourself, with each comment you receive you will notice a notification button on the top right hand corner of the screen pop up letting you know that one of your friends/fellow members has commented or left you something on your page for you to view and reply back to. To view another members profile you can view the profiles on the bottom left hand corner in your friends section when you log onto your My-JEFIT page, when viewing another individuals created routine on the routine page or just browsing around through other user’s pages and viewing their friends. We are working on a very extensive members list page that will allow JEFIT Members to search for friends, individuals who have the same goal and interests or just want to browse and see who is using JEFIT.

This is only the beginning of features that we are rolling out for the My-JEFIT and Membership pages as we are currently working on a significant amount more of information, material and new features for all of you to utilize and benefit along with the JEFIT Workout Application as well as brining the JEFIT Community even closer together.

JEFIT Android Application Update News

Also for those who are wondering where the Android Update has been, we are currently in the process of working on the latest update for the JEFIT Android Workout Application that we are hoping to have released by this Friday so stay tuned for more information and news regarding this update and the features/functions that will be included.

Again we would like to thank you all for your on-going support and usage of the JEFIT Website, the JEFIT Android Bodybuilding and Workout Application and the JEFIT iPhone Bodybuilding and Workout Application. We hope that you enjoy the new features that we are unrolling out to the community and bringing you to both the website and apps!

Hello All,

We are pleased to announce that the JEFIT iPhone Bodybuilding and Workout Application Version 3.0 has been released! In this release we have fixed a synchronization issue that many users were having, thumbnail images next to each exercise in both the routines and exercise sections of the application so that you are able to see which exercises are going to be done or are being looked at, a check mark next to each exercise that is completed (Removes the small checkmark on the right panel of the application) and finally the super-set function which has been requested by many users.

1. Fixed minor synchronization bug.

2. Added thumbnail images for exercises - Thumbnails have been added next to each exercise on the exercise page to allow the users to be able to view the exercise that they might want to perform before they click into the page. With the extensive exercise database, this provides a benefit to view each exercise.

3. Added thumbnail images for routines – As in the same with the exercise page, thumbnails have been added next to each exercise on the routine page to allow the users to be able to view the exercise that they are going to perform in their routine.

4. Added super-set support - The super-set function which has predominantly been a part of the Android Application has finally been added to the iPhone Bodybuilding Application. Users are now able to perform their super-set exercises and record their information accordingly.

5. Added check mark for finished exercise – The checkmark image has been added so that users are able to clearly see which exercises they have indeed performed in their routine and move onto an exercise they have not finished yet. In the previous versions of the application, we placed the checkmark on the right side which would get mixed up with the unfinished exercises, thus causing confusion for users during their routines.

We are currently working on more updates for the website along with the update following for the Android Application so stay tuned for more information regarding those updates and new features. We hope that our iPhone App users enjoy the brand new update!

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