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    Pre-Workout Protein Supplentation

    The question I have is how many hours in advance should I start adding a protein supplement to my diet?
    I would like to put into emphasis on how gr of protein per hour the body is able to digest.
    Currently I am not supplementing and seem to be losing size on my shoulders.

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    They usually suggest a couple of hours prior to your workout and immediately afterwards.

    If you are losing size on your shoulders, I wouldn't necessarily blame it on not enough protein, not unless you are losing size in other areas of your body as well. Cortisol that is released that can cannibalize your protein stores does not target a specific muscle. Are you perhaps over-training your shoulders? Over-training your whole body? Remember you don't grow by lifting you grow when resting. If you work out too much and too often you are not doing yourself any favors. You can lose muscle size, strength, etc.

    Also remember that protein supplements are a convenience only. You can get all you need from foods without having to spend the extra monies to purchase them.

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    Depends on the protein source. Wheys you can take 30-45 minutes prior. Casein and egg tends to take longer to get into the bloodstream. And real food will take a couple hours like decu86 said.

    And he's right on the other points. Without seeing your routine and diet, we can't really tell you.
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