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    Post Workout Supplement

    Not surre i missed this in earlier part of the thread but what do people recommend as a good post workout supplement. This may sound silly.....but i would like something preferably not another protein shake as i use this before workout but something that will help muscle build after workout. I''m trying to get cut and stay lean!!! :-)

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    Hello rankin,

    Well for many of us the obvious choice would indeed be a protein shake, a lean protein shake that will help you and allow you to keep cut and lean after an intense workout. Other sort of post-workout supplements can be creatine that will help you gain the muscle that you are looking for but the only thing that is the downfall of creatine is that you retain a significant amount of water and get a bloated feeling, but when you lift you do gain a significant amount of muscle in the process. Others can be diet pills like Hydroxycut which of course is a weight loss supplement and help you burn those extra calories in the process after you lift. You could also take multi vitamins like Animal Pak or a GNC brand that contains a significant amount of BCAAs which will help you keep lean.

    Other ways besides a supplement would to eat lean proteins such as chicken, lean steak, low fat ground beef or pork, vegetables, high fiber foods, good carbs such as whole wheat pastas, quinoa, brown rice and so forth and snack on fruits and greek yogurt. You want to keep your protein intake high along with high fiber to keep your metabolism/digestive system on mark along with good carbs so you dont gain any unwanted weight along with low fats.

    Really the one recommendation would truly be a protein shake because protein is what helps keep the body lean through building extra muscle and also helping burn fat/calories in the process.
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    Well its not a supplement, but I eat eggs as part of my post workout. 4 egg whites + 1 whole egg. That plus a protein shake & orange juice. No real reason for the OJ other than I like it.

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    Again, a protein shake that I add sugar to. Sugar after an intense workout helps the muscle fibers repair themselves faster and stabilizes your blood sugar levels. If you don't take in any sugar post-workout, your body will convert some of the protein you are consuming and turn it into sugar anyway.

    You need the protein after you workout even more than you do before you workout.

    If you NEED to spend money on a "post-workout" supp, I've never used any, but I hear that VPX's N.O. Synthesize is really good. I'm sure there are plenty more out there, just look around a bit.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Deviation View Post
    Well its not a supplement, but I eat eggs as part of my post workout. 4 egg whites + 1 whole egg. That plus a protein shake & orange juice. No real reason for the OJ other than I like it.
    i used to use eggs also (never separate the whites tho, so idk what effect that has), but i found that they slow the aborbtion rate of protein and other essentials nutrients your muscles need to recover due to its high cholesterol and fat. right after i complete my workouts thats when i feel my body trying to recover and if i drink something that takes effect quickly i feel more energetic and my body recovers quicker. something to think about tho, id drink the protein shake first and then do the eggs - if u want to have eggs in ur post workout concoction.

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    Post workout supps I use

    The main supplements I use are whey protein isolate and amino acid shakes. I use Cytosport's MONSTER Amino supplement drink and then 20 minutes later I drink Precision Engineered Whey Protein Isolate (which is cheap, taste great, and has 60 grams of protein per two scoops). The amino acids are great because they go directly to your muscles after your workout and help recovery a lot faster. That's just my post workout recovery shakes, everyone is different and uses different supplements to recover.

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    I am a huge fan of Myogenix's Aftershock... It is a protein blend with BCAA's, glutamine and a low dose of creatine. It has been my go to recovery shake!

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    xtends BCAA, dextrose, creatine, multivitamin "taken before my work out". I buy my dextrose at beer brewing stores for cheap. After this post work out drink. I drink protein drink along with come complex carbs.

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    Supps I use

    I take Biorhythm's After Glow post workout then a Protein shake maybe 60mins later. I've tried alot of pre-workout supps and this is by far the best I've tried, it tastes amazing I actually look forward to drinking it as for the results well it does exactly what it says on the tin

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    Quote Originally Posted by Clagnuts View Post
    I take Biorhythm's After Glow
    Is that stuff worth the money then? Seems expensive?

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