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Thread: P90x

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    I tried p90x out for about 2-3 weeks, then went back to my gym routine. I think it's great for people who don't do anything in the evenings, or don't work very much. It would probably be ideal for a student, or parents who stay home every night and put the kids to bed by 8pm.

    The things I disliked:
    - you need 2 hours a day to get ready, workout, shower, etc
    - the food is hard to manage, you have to do specific diets with certain percentages (50 protein, 30 carbs, 20 fat) I used to help me with this, but it meant at least an hour a day preparing food, and groceries non stop
    - the workouts aren't fun, I've been going to the gym for years, I enjoy lifting heavy weight.. p90x unless you have a dumbbell set, is going to suck especially with resistance bands.
    - it really interferes with your life, I play soccer twice a week at night, and another team sport (dodgeball), we were doing our workouts at 9 or 10pm after these.. which was fine but it basically consumes your whole life.

    I gave up after about 3 weeks, I stuck with the diet for a while tho, and that is pretty much the real benefit to p90x, if you stuck with your current workouts and you do cardio, all you need to add is the diet.

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    That's very true. It is time consuming, but they have great marketing.

    As for the groceries, that's the main reason I slacked up on my diet. I can't be bringing home 20lbs of chicken every week plus veggies & sides. And prep time sucks. Healthy food is out there. Just have to know what you can & cannot eat at places.

    If you've got limited responsibility (e.g. no wife, no kids, and a true 8-5 job), it's easy. Between my wife, my son, and my always on-call job I seldom have down time. Part of the reason I workout so damn early in the morning.
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    Just about to finish week 1 of p90x and it is kicing my ass. I do not ever do cardio just lift. And since I am 250lbs and 6'4" that gives some decent resistance. to the exercises.

    Like deviation says it is time consuming and and that is why I get up at 4am every morning to do it. And then with all my 12 and 16 hour days latly I. have been a zombie.

    Going to try and stick it out cuz come spring time work slows down then I have to be ready to go party at the lake and spend all that hard earned $$$$

    Get cut then back to get big

    Tony horton is a pimp and soooooo full of himself its awesome hahahha

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    I completed the whole 90 day round of p90x and was pretty good with the diet. I had decent results. Lost about 8 lbs (I would like to have lost more) and I did firm up a bit. However, it was such an intense program that, when I was done, I had major rebound and gained most of the weight back. It is a good program, but I think the major problem is that it is not sustainable and gives little guidance about what to do when you have finished.

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    I've done p90x and p90x-2, and insanity. I dont understand all the talk about it taking too much time & taking over your life. 60 mins on the two "cardio" days, 75 with the ab ripper routine on resistance days, and 90 mins for yoga (yeah that's long so I did that on my day off.) How long are you spending at the gym? Plus travel time? If it's less than that, you're probably wasting your time.

    If you've already got some dumbbells then you're halfway there. If not, buy a pullup bar and a set of their purp/red/green or green/blue/black resistance bands and that's all you'd need. You're not gonna get superbuff. It's high intensity training that will burn calories and expose (and address) your weaknesses. Setting aside the usual adjectives such as "cut", toned, ripped, etcetcWHATEVER, if your goal is to be BETTER - then p90x is going to get it done.

    Insanity is a whole 'nother animal. Maintaining a heart rate of 160 for 45 mins. You won't come out with a better bench press. But you'll be jumping higher, running faster and further, and just being a beast at life. I never run, but I recently did a 10k which I ran for about a week prior to prepare. My running friends were astounded at how well I kept up. I credit that cardio strength to insanity.

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    Takes too much time? Sounds like a whole lot of excuses to me. If this is something you really wanted to do then you'd find time. P90X takes a lot of discipline, determination and dedication. I found that once you start on the P90X band wagon, it's one heck of a ride. I ended up doing 4 rounds of it (Just over a year total) until P90X2 came out, workin' an average of 52 hour work weeks. I just couldn't stop after 1 round. Killer program, killer results, but... you do have to work your a$$ off for them.
    It does take over your life in a way however. Everything becomes a quote from Tony Horton. My wife gets soo sick of it ...

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