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    What are some good toing workouts

    hello im new to jefit and would like to know if anyone knows of some good toning workouts using a stability ball a mat or anything similar i need some ideas please and Thanks you

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    Hello nice to meet you.Calasthenics excercises and doing circuit training and supersets . Just calasthencs only no weights are all you need to do. If you neef anymore advice just let me know.
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    Cardio are the best for toning the body and improve the body strength and fitness level.
    You can do jogging, running, push ups, pull ups, and swimming etc. to tone up your body.
    Yoga is one of the best exercise to improve the flexibility and tone of the body, you should also do it for the body balance.

    Maitland Bootcamp
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    Post Re :-

    Jogging is the best exercise. It circulates the blood flow and gives immense energy to your body.

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    I want suggest you that you must go in the gym. There are trainer and lot of machines ready to help you. it's better face to face talk.

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