January 17th, 2012

JEFIT – Update On New Features/Functions for JEFIT App and Website

JEFIT Announcement, by robertrogo.

Hello All,

We wanted to provide you with an update of what is currently being worked on this moment here at the JEFIT Office and soon to be released for our users for both the JEFIT Workout Applications as well as new changes/features for the JEFIT Website.

JEFIT iPhone Free Update – One of the focusing points we have had from the middle of December until this moment have been the updates on both the JEFIT Free iPhone Application as well as the development of the iPhone Pro Application. Some of the changes that are going to be included in this update are a Redesigned Keyboard Input UI, Redesigned Home Page UI, Redesigned Statistics Page UI, Progress Picture Taking and a few other little changes. We will make a post detailing these updates further as soon as the update has been released and give a final description of all of the functions that have been added into the application.

JEFIT iPhone Pro Version 1.0 – The main goal going into the New Year was developing and having the release of the JEFIT iPhone Pro Workout Application which will feature the functionality of the JEFIT Android Pro Workout Application with a few new features as well as a redesigned UI. We have been translating the code from the Android Pro over to the iPhone Pro as well as adding in the new features from the Free Version of the iPhone Application into the Pro Version, so we have been progressing on two versions/updates at the same time. We are extremely excited in releasing this Pro Version for our iPhone users so that they get the same experiences that our Android Users are getting as well as a few others.

JEFIT Andorid Update – Features/Bug Fixes – We have been receiving .bak files and bug reports from the last update of the JEFIT Android Application and are working through the list of suggestions we have been provided with from our users to bring forth new features for the next JEFIT Free and Pro Versions. We have not forgotten about our Android Users at all, we have been extremely focused on finishing up the iPhone Free Version update as well as the development of the iPhone Pro Application that our efforts have been put forth to complete these tasks then move forward upon the Android Updates.

JEFIT Website – Exercise Database Changes – As we continue to update the JEFIT Applications, we are moving forward with providing new features and functions for the JEFIT Website with revamping the JEFIT Exercise Database with more detailed information regarding exercises, detailed exercise listings and so forth. We are also looking into revamping the custom exercise database to allow for more information to be placed into each exercise created by you, the JEFIT User, as well as hopefully including images and videos to detail the exercises that you have created further. As we understand with the JEFIT Website and Application, the custom exercise entry option is very limited as you are only able to provide the body part and name for the exercise and not able to give a description, detailed muscle listing, explanation on how to perform the exercise and provide images/video as reference of what the exercise looks like.

JEFIT Website – New Supplement Database – Another new feature we are adding into the JEFIT Website is the JEFIT Nutritional Section with the first new pages we are adding into the JEFIT Website is the JEFIT Supplement Database. Supplements are a major part of bodybuilding and weight lifting whether it be proteins, weight gainers or pre-workout supplements to vitamins, omega-3’s and minerals to strengthen the body and mind. We want to provide a giant list of supplements for users to look through and add to their JEFIT Profile to show their fellow members what they currently take or use while performing the routines they have created in their JEFIT Workout Application. A user can be very fit and tone, along with having a great routine and other users will want to know what type of supplements they might take to assist their workouts/routines, this new supplement database will help provide that information for all of our users.

The next feature we are focusing upon in the nutritional database will be the inclusion of a food database/calorie tracker as nutrition/Diet Plans and tracking of calories is extremely important to fitness/working out.

JEFIT Forums Access through the JEFIT App – One feature that has been suggested by one of our users, was to have ease of access to the JEFIT Forums through either mobile browsing or a separate page on the JEFIT Application. We have been looking into this option and understand that our forums have grown in size, amount of posts and members accessing/using our forums that we want to provide an easier tool and functionality for them to be able to utilize the JEFIT Forums without having to log on through their computers/mobile web browsers.

JEFIT App – Revamping Cardio Tracking System – As we do understand our Cardio Tracking System is extremely basic and lacking compared to other applications out on the market, one of the things we have been doing is looking into revamping our cardio tracking system, providing more and better options into tracking/recording cardio workouts and improving on the system that we currently have at the moment. Cardio is a major part of fitness, building endurance and stamina, losing weight and what many users perform while at the gym and to have a better/more refined cardio system will only make the JEFIT Workout Application that much better in terms of features provided for our users.

We also wanted to say Thank You and Welcome to JEFIT and the JEFIT Community to many of our new members and users who have joined us in this brand new year of 2012, starting off their New Years Resolutions the right way with utilizing the JEFIT Workout Application to help benefit their workouts and get motivated to change their lives, health and bodies. Our traffic and website usage has gone way up since the New Year and has given us a breath of new and fresh air to be even more dedicated to the JEFIT Website and Applications, to generate more updates, bring in new features, revamp old features and do what it takes to provide the best services and tools possible for our JEFIT Members and users of the Website and Application. We cannot thank you all enough as we truly appreciate the support and for all of you being dedicated to the JEFIT Company, the Application, and supporting us as we do our best to provide you with our continued dedication, top quality apps and website features, and support with our services.

* Don’t forget to fill out, complete, and update your Online JEFIT Profile to be one of the featured community members and chance to be a JEFIT Member of the Week! *

We will be posting more information as soon as the updates are released and when other updates are ready to soon be released, keeping all of members up to date on what is happening behind the scenes at JEFIT and what is currently being worked on for you guys.

Again we would like to thank you all for your on-going support and usage of the JEFIT Website, the JEFIT Android Bodybuilding and Workout Application and the JEFIT iPhone Bodybuilding and Workout Application. We hope that you enjoy the new features that we are unrolling out to the community and bringing you to both the website and apps!

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