How to become a beta-tester for Jefit

Click here to join our beta-testing group on slack:

Click here

How to join a slack channel?

Case 1: you don’t have a slack account

1.Type in the email you want to be registered

2.  Go to your inbox and click on ”confirm email”

3. Once you confirmed the email, you should be taken to the page where you can input your name and password

4. After creating the account, you will be taken into a web slack channel and please join the subchannel based on your platform (iOS or Android)


Case 2: you have a slack account (web or desktop version)

Use the workspace URL to join:

After joining the beta-testing group, please use the app accordingly and give us feedback when you find a need. We would recommend you to download slack desktop or slack mobile to keep the communication smooth.

We will post the instruction on how to download the latest beta version app and the updates of the newest release under the slack channel. 🙂