JEFIT v3.1.1122 update notes

1. New Feature: Ability to create/edit/delete workout routines,custom exercises online and sync with the phone.
2. New Feature: Two-way synchronization fully supported
3. Bug Fixed: auto update component crash.
4. Bug Fixed: crash if try to rotate screen while synchronizing.
5. Bug Fixed: bug on view animation page

Now users are able to manager their workout routines online.

Online logs editing will be available in just few days.

We didn’t deliver note feature in this update due to the complexity of  developing two-way synchronization. However, note feature will be added in next week’s update.

JEFIT v3.1 is out. Now you can view your progress online.

JEFIT v 3.1 update notes

1. Ability to sync all your data to computer (JEFIT online).

2. Ability to view progress for all exercises online. (not just 6 benchmark exercises)

3. Ability to add/edit/delete past body stats.

4. Fixed edit/delete bugs on workout routine page. (Android 1.5 OS)

Now you can view everything online, but not yet able to edit online at this moment. (one way sync)

Ability to edit workout routines, exercises and logs online will be available in next week. (two ways sync). Next update will also include note section.

Site update notes, JEFIT v3.1 will be released in mid-November.

We just added our exercise database to, now you can view exercise pictures and tips on this site.

V3.1 is still under development, The Estimated time of arrival is in mid-November.

V3.1 will allow users to synchronize  their data to our server,and will be able to view their workout routines, body stats progress and workout progress online.

V3.1 will also have the ability to add/edit/delete past body stats.


JEFIT v3.0.1015 update notes

  1. Added option to download Exercise Animation data directly from JEFIT Server to SD card (no installation process needed).
  2. Added units for cardio exercises
  3. Added female figure on body parts page. It displays different figure depend on users’ gender. Users can also manually switch between the two figures
  4. Added Term of Use.

JEFIT v3.0.1005 update notes

This is a quick update to fix a bug in  “view exercise” page. Some users may have experienced program crashes when tried to click on “Prev.” or “Next” button on “view exercise” page. This bug was only exist when users try to click on one of those buttons right after installing the Animation plug-in.  This update has fixed this bug.



JEFIT v3.0.0925 Update Notes

1 BugFixed: This update fixed a bug in yesterday’s release(3.0.0924). Users who updated directly from DroidFit 2.9 to 3.0.0924 yesterday may be experiencing FC problem. This update should be able to take care of this problem.


JEFIT v3.0.0924 Release Notes

JEFIT v3.0.0924 has been released.

1. Exercise Database extended:

  • Increase built-in exercise from 161 to 312 exercises
  • Added exercises for Glutes
  • Added exercises for Cardio
  • Added 151 exercise animations
  • Replace some animations with better drawing animations
  • Add Exercise Instruction and Tips for 90% of exercises

2. Weight/Reps Logging improved:

  • First time doing one particular routine: JEFIT will Auto-fill the weight for second and third set base on the weight of your first set (Previously auto fill base on your 1RM). Then next time when you do the same routine, JEFIT will auto-fill your lifting weight base on the logs of the previous training.

3. Exercise Logs Delete: you can delete exercise logs that was mistakenly entered. Every time you delete a lifting log of a exercise, JEFIT will recalculate your 1RM record of this exercise. Now you can get rid of the crazy 3000 Lbs bench press record.

4. Fixed typo here and there.


JEFIT v3.0.0918 update notes, Size cut from 5.8mb to 500kb.

1. In this update we have downsized JEFIT from 5.8 MB to 500kb.  Now it does not ship with exercise animations anymore. The exercise animations ship as a plug-in package, you can download it directly from JEFIT. The animations can be installed to SD card. So users now can save 5 MB space in their phone.

2. BugFixed: Display bug after clicking delete button.

3. BugFixed: Display bug for 320 x 240 screen size phone on Routine weight/reps page

4. BugFixed: Wrong animation when you add exercise to routine directly from view exercise page.


JEFIT v3.0.0917 third update notes

There was a small bug in our first released of v3.0.
When you at Routine – > doing cardio page, it only has the option of putting weight and reps ( It was supposed to display time/calories reps)

The latest update has fixed this bug.

So. If you updated yesterday AND had cardio exercises in your Routine list from Old DroidFit , You may have this bug.

Here is how to fix this bug

1. Update JEFIT to the latest release.
2. Remove that cardio exercises from your  routine list ( Routine->Routine Day-> Exercise List for this day ).
3. Then add this cardio exercises back to the Routine List again.

We are sorry for the inconvenience.


JEFIT v3.0.0917 second update notes

BugFixed: Fixed “Set Goal” button links to “Update Stats” Bug.

We are adding more exercises into Glutes and Cardio section. Another quick update will be released tomorrow.


JEFIT v3.0.0917 update notes

Few small bug fixed in this update.

1. BugFixed: The day of the week for the routine is cut off on 2.2 OS with 480*320 screen.


2. BugFixed: UI fixed for 320*240 screen phone

3. Adjust buttons location in Exercise page (Moved from mid-section to top)