Future update frequency change: every two weeks.

Hi, there,

We update DroidFit from every week to every two weeks.

We want to make sure each update has the best quality before it is released.

Thank you for supporting DroidFit.

Team DroidFit.

New update should be able to take care of most force close problems

New update should be able to take care of most force close issues. If you still have this problem, please send your backup file to our support team Support@droidfit.com. We will try to fix it for you ASAP. (Use export function in profile page, the backup data is at /sdcard/droidfit/droidfit.bak

Thank you for using Droidfit.

DroidFit v 2.3.0722 update notes

1. Bug-fixed: crash when opening newly created workout routine (new routines created after importing data)

2. Bug-fixed: crash when trying to delete individual log after importing data.

3. Bug-fixed: fixed profile primary key loss after importing data.


DroidFit v 2.3.0721 released. Update notes:

1. Optimized Export Function.

2. Bug-fixed: crash when open exercises in routine mode (for those exercises were added to routine after importing backup)

3. Ability to store extracted exercise image data in SD card (save internal space)

– user now has options to store image data in SD card or phone memory. Just go to Profile>System, you will see the options. And it can be change at any time.


DroidFit v 2.3.0708 update notes

1 . Bug-fixed: crash when enter decimal for cardio log. (now use integer only)

2. Bug-fixed: fix memory leaks.

3. Add Timer/Sets info in Routine Exercise List page.

4. Add Timer/Sets button in Routine Exercise List page.

5. Bug-fixed: Background turns to black when scrolling List pages


DroidFit v2.3 is out. Finally OS 1.5 compatible

Update notes:

1. All major version Android OS compatible.  (OS 1.5, 1.6, 2.0, 2.1, 2.2)

2. Bug-fixed: crash when loading routine function (rare case).

3. Bug-fixed: when reorder exercise list in routine screen, body part icon did not swap correctly. http://droidfit.com/forum/index.php?topic=5.0

4. Bug-fixed: Incorrect log date when save weight training  or body stats after 8:00pm EST.

5. Changed soft keyboard from standard keyboard to numeric keyboard for all data input.

6. Changed Input from Weight/Reps to Time/Calories for cardio exercises.


2.2.0629 update notes

Just a small update for this version.

Added most requests function: a pop-up exercise animation to routine page.


DroidFit v 2.2 is out.

DroidFit v 2.2 is out.

All exercise pictures have been added. Total of  322 pictures (162 animations)

Now we are working on new features for DroidFit v 2.3. Many of these features are collected from users’ feedback.


2.0.0618 update notes

1. BugFix: routine exercise list page crash due to CursorIndexOutOfBoundsException

2. BugFix: crash when user try to put character  (‘) in exercise name.

3. BugFix: crash when user use back button and  then try to save reps and weight again.