DroidFit v 1.1.0606 update notes

1. Bug Fixed: Doing exercise display bug.

2.Bug Fixed: display bug of Deleting single lifting log .

3. Bug Fixed: display bug on changing exercise order

4. Increased top weight from 500 to 1000 lb.

5. Changed background color to match cover picture color.


DroidFit v1.1.0605 is out.

Update notes

1.  Now user is able to rearrange exercise order in a workout routine.

2. Ability to delete designated  training log.

3. Training log display order changed from oldest first to newest first.

4. Display timer in a new page instead of  pop-up window


DroidFit v 1.1.0603 is out now

Bug Fixed:

1RM calculation bug on view logs page

Functional Updates:

Metric units are available.
Added System setting button inside profile page, from where users are able to setup different unit system.
Added lifting log clear button inside profile page.


DroidFit v 1.0.0530 has been released

1. Bug Fixed:  user was not able to delete old weight training history when reset profile.

2. Function updated: When doing exercise, program will automatically set current weight according to last time training logs.

All comments or suggestions are welcome. We need your feedback to improve this DroidFit.


DroidFit v 1.0.0528 has been released

Fixed screen resolution bugs on Motorola Droid.

Version 2.0 is under development.

PS: This site just a temporary side. We will build a better one once DroidFit  v2.0 is done.



DroidFit 1.0 released


DroidFit 1.0 is available on Android Market now.  Please Let us know what you think.