Company Information

Jefit Inc is focused upon creating a unique exercise product that keeps our users motivated and inspired to continue with their fitness goals.

Our history

Founded in 2010, Jefit has quickly risen to the ranks of the most widely and well known health and fitness application on the market. We felt that the market for exercise apps was under served and with our own experiences, we decided to bring to the market a product that would fill a void. We combined our experiences to create a unique exercise program that would allow the user to define their own workout program based on their own needs. This product became known as Jefit.

What we do for you

Customer service, user experience, listening to requests and suggestions is something that Jefit has always stood proud of and have focused our mission statement upon. We believe that users need a quick and hassle free product while they track their progress during workouts. With our program we remove the paper and pen, there is no need to watch a clock to count rest periods, calculations aren't needed to track statistics; all there needs to be is Jefit.

Jefit allows the users to easily manage and download routines, find desired exercises in our exercise database made up of over 1300+ workouts and stretches, synchronize their device profiles with their online profiles removing the time to log onto a website and update their stats, connect with others users to receive feedback and positive reinforcement, and overall a top quality product for less than the price of having to hire a trainer.

Our mission

Based in Sunnyvale, California, Jefit Inc is dedicated and motivated to always improving our application and resources to allow our users to make the best out of their workouts. Our commitment is to our customers, our partners, to those who support us and have made us the company that we are today. We are working diligently on providing top notch customer service and a phenomenal application that fitness enthusiasts will turn to for motivation and keep track of their progress. With each new update and application released, we continue our path to become the top bodybuilding and fitness application on the market and a household name users can trust.