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Calf Press On Leg Press

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Calf Press On Leg Press

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Exercise Details

Main Muscle Group : Lower Legs

Detailed Muscle Group : Calves

Type : Strength

Mechanics : Isolation

Equipment : Machine - Strength

Difficulty : Beginner

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Targeted Muscle Group

Lower Legs

How To Perform Exercise

The calf press on a leg press exercise uses a leg press machine to help work and strengthen your calf muscles.

Steps :

1.) Sit down on a Leg Press Machine and press the plate up as if you were performing a leg press.

2.) Slide your feet down so that the balls of your feet are pressing against the rack (with your heels hanging free),

3.) Keeping the handles locked, press up and flex your toes and then slowly bring your toes back towards your body (dorsiflex).

4.) Perform these movements slowly for maximum benefit.

Tips :

1.) Use lighter weight on this exercise than you are able to lift with a leg press until you are familiar with the movements.