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Close Grip Front Lat Pulldown

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Close Grip Front Lat Pulldown

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Exercise Details

Main Muscle Group : Back

Detailed Muscle Group : Traps

Other Muscle Groups : Biceps

Type : Strength

Mechanics : Compound

Equipment : Machine - Strength

Difficulty : Beginner

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Targeted Muscle Group


How To Perform Exercise

The close-grip font lat pulldown is a classic bodybuilder exercise use to target the back muscles, specifically the lower lats.

Steps :

1.) Start off sitting down at a pull-down machine and place your knees underneath the padding on the machine.

2.) Grab onto the bar with a close overhand grip and pull the bar down straight until it is even with your upper chest.

3.) Once in the final position hold for a count while squeezing the lat muscles and then slowly return back to the starting position.