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Quad Stretch

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Quad Stretch

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Exercise Details

Main Muscle Group : Upper Legs

Type : Stretching

Mechanics : N/A

Equipment : Body Only

Difficulty : Beginner

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Targeted Muscle Group

Upper Legs

How To Perform Exercise

Steps :

1.) Start off by wrapping either a belt, rope or band around one of your feet and then laying on your side, with the top foot being the one that is wrapped and the other extended out behind you.

2.) Slowly flex the top knee and bring your foot back in attempt to touch your glutes with your heel.

3.) As the belt is held over your shoulder, pull on it to increase the tension and stretch on your quad, holding this position for 15 to 30 seconds.

4.) Return to the starting position and repeat for as many reps, sets and duration as you desire.