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Barbell Snatch Balance

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Barbell Snatch Balance

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Exercise Details

Main Muscle Group : Upper Legs

Other Muscle Groups : Back , Shoulders

Type : Olympic Weight Lifting

Mechanics : Compound

Equipment : Barbell

Difficulty : Expert

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Targeted Muscle Group

Upper Legs

How To Perform Exercise

Steps :

1.) Start off with a weighted barbell across your shoulder blades, in a squat position, and your hands placed in a wide snatch grip.

2.) Dip down slightly and push the bar up over your head as you drive yourself underneath it and transition into the receiving position.

3.) Lower your body closer to the floor in a squatting position, locking the bar over your head, keeping your torso vertical and lower your hips between your legs.

4.) Descend your body into full depth, then expand upward through your knees and hips to the starting position, keeping the weight overhead and arms locked.

5.) Slowly lower the weight back to the starting position and repeat for as many reps and sets as desired.