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  1. Looking for Golf Routine
  2. shoulders
  3. Help and Advice Thread
  4. Help Building a Routine
  5. Size of gains?
  6. cardio vs gains
  7. Best gains for beginner?
  8. Training Tips for JEFIT Members
  9. Slower is better!
  10. Squats and deadlifts in the same day
  11. Tips for Early Morning Workouts
  12. How to not perform a squat
  13. Squat Bar Pad
  14. Advice on Muscle Gain for Women
  15. Bigger gains, decrease bodyfat
  16. Alternatives to barbell curls?
  17. Ab workout that works...
  18. Q: Good Bodyweight Exercises Routine
  19. what am i doing wrong?
  20. lower back
  21. I Dont See Anything Wrong About This Workout
  22. Another Way Not To Do A Squat
  23. The REAL suited deadlift
  24. Tht routine
  25. Setting Goals - Help Wanted Please?
  26. Tricep exercises?
  27. Thoughts on adding abs to the end of each session?
  28. worried now
  29. need some advice and help on creating a cutting routine. details and all info within
  30. Advice for bulging shoulders please?
  31. fast or slow
  32. Dont Lift More Than You Can
  33. little help and advice?
  34. warm up / failure sets
  35. Fat loss program has 3x parts, put strength/hypertrophy program into breaks?
  36. perfect rep range for growth?
  37. Right Peck Bigger than Left
  38. Round Biceps
  39. I'm 17 and just joined the gym
  40. Help! Routine over-load!
  41. Working out after a Broken Wrist
  42. Hiking without losing muscle
  43. toning up
  44. waist getting too large
  45. loss weight
  46. The physics of a situp
  47. Stiff leg deadlift
  48. full body or split
  49. wieght on push-ups
  50. When bodybuilding goes bad...
  51. Just starting out after 9 years off - Backpacking Routine?
  52. Core Workout
  53. Not new to gym or supplements, but need direction
  54. helpful advice
  55. "Static Contraction Training"
  56. proper deadlift form
  57. I've always wanted to know
  58. complete body workout or splits
  59. muscle gain?
  60. decline bench alternatives
  61. Arm injury help
  62. Building a routine with the equipment that I have
  63. Rear delts...
  64. Cable Triceps Pushdown
  65. Crush Those Obliques...
  66. Cable seated rows
  67. Discoveries
  68. Minimal Equipment Routine Help
  69. Tips and Advices for developping above the belt
  70. Uneven Exercise Question
  71. Worn out exercising, feeling refreshed later in the day - newbie question
  72. If you want to grow why wouldn't you water your muscles
  73. Newbie
  74. Need general help on sliming down and bulking up using machines.
  75. The bench press
  76. Squat help
  77. A little advice on woman's fitness
  78. Which comes first? Bulk/cut Cut/bulk?
  79. Switching from splits to SL5X5
  80. Need some routine help!
  81. Tracking weight for dumbbells vs barbells in JEFIT
  82. Hey, Im new here and I would need your help for my 3 day split routine!
  83. Newbie looking for some help
  84. Newbie: Cutting weight/building muscle without a gym
  85. CoopersGuns Exercise Encyclopedia
  86. Which Workout??
  87. cramps
  88. dissapointed
  89. The New GuY
  90. Lifting dumbbells for Shoulder Press
  91. Newbie Looking for Good Starter Routine
  92. wanted advanced workout
  93. The most overlooked aspect of weight training
  94. Shurely Shome Mishtake...???
  95. After workout muscle feeling...
  96. Bulking/Cutting & being a Cyclist
  97. Need help building a routine
  98. Changing my routine in a month.
  99. What do you think of my workout-routine?
  100. Female Intimidated by Dumbbells Needs a Beginner Weight Loss Routine for the Gym
  101. Treadmill and Elliptical Training
  102. Listen to your Body
  103. I don't know what direction to go in
  104. Cutting Routine For Beginner Without Equipment
  105. Frequency
  106. Trying to bulk with focus on chest..
  107. Any routines out there that don't use machines?
  108. Workout For Fat Loss and Muscle Building
  109. workout shoes
  110. water aerobics for effective weight loss
  111. Deadlifts - Results and Question
  112. Cardio
  113. bench press machine
  114. Diet change
  115. Looking for all weights routing, no machines
  116. Measuring body fat
  117. Low equipment bulking routine wanted
  118. Home bulking routine could someone make me one?
  119. Grip problems with Romanian Deadlift
  120. Routine check and advise
  121. Really New!
  122. Kettlebell recommendation?
  123. Workout routine help !!!
  124. Is there any reason I shouldn't.......
  125. Please help me with a Beginner Routine for me and my Girlfriend
  126. Multi gym routine
  127. Injury Prevention & Help.
  128. Regarding lifting what single best piece of advice you have ever been given?
  129. What's Next?
  130. Need help replacing squats and lunges???!!
  131. Struggling to make progress
  132. RhondaLee Quaresma
  133. Maintaining Strength VS Fat Loss
  134. SL 5x5 advice needed please
  135. help in converting this to jefit
  136. starting over at 41
  137. Need Help
  138. Need help bulking and toning
  139. Four Day Split -- Help?
  140. Best Workout Exercises
  141. Routine creation help
  142. Footwear
  143. 5/3/1 Workbook / Spreadsheet + Resources
  144. A little advice please.
  145. Stretching: An essential part of your regular workout regimen
  146. Need help with my routine
  147. Back Strengthening
  148. Restricted Back Strengthening
  149. Bodyweight Only Routines
  150. Has anyone posted an ISCHAEMIC routine?
  151. Cardio: How do I record this?
  152. Oponions on Smith machine vs 'Free' weights
  153. How do I get from A to B
  154. Lost Weight , Now need help gaining muscle
  155. [3-Split] Started training again!
  156. Switching routines
  157. Tension in neck during Dumbbell shoulder press
  158. Newbie question give it my all or hold back for next exercise
  159. Hotel Workout
  160. Lower Belly Fat
  161. Help stats not recording
  162. stronglifts 5X5 bench press
  163. Creating exercises
  164. meaning of weight section
  165. insanity
  166. Squats - You're doing it wrong
  167. Exercises you've never heard of #1
  168. Exercises you've never heard of #2
  169. Exercises you've never tried #3
  170. Exercises you've never tried #4
  171. Not sure what to do
  172. Help with cutting and repair workout
  173. Exercises you've never tried #5
  174. Hypertrophy Routines??
  175. continuing when injured
  176. Help losing chest fat/man boobs & belly fat
  177. Gaining so much weight, Should i continue or cut>!?
  178. Not sore anymore?
  179. How to do one pull up
  180. supplement exercises for KB swings and cleans
  181. Trim my Chest
  182. Wearing a garbage bag under your shirt when doing cardio
  183. Muscle ups
  184. Routine selection.
  185. mesomorph lower Body and ekto-/endomorph TopBody?!?!?
  186. Beginner help
  187. finishing your work out?!
  188. Hold iPhone?
  189. Advice on programmes please
  190. routine help no bench and dumbbells only
  191. Is it better to workout different body parts each day?
  192. Herniated disk
  193. Help with two times a week wieght training program
  194. Help with 3 times a week training
  195. Benchmarks
  196. Febraury: month to grow or to cut?
  197. To much or not enough?
  198. How many calories I use with my 5 days muscle mass split routine?
  199. Newbie loooking for work out advice.
  200. Oh My, what to do now?
  201. Help with website!
  202. Another question on workouts
  203. How Long is Your Workout?
  204. New guy looking to change life....
  205. Working the Core
  206. Cortisol and Gym Duration
  207. New to using the Gym, lifting, and fitness.
  208. any tips on my squat form?.....video inside
  209. My 4 day routine is too big!
  210. No goal setting for iphone?? Android does!
  211. bench press gains
  212. Workout Design Assistance
  213. proper beginner's guideline on going to the gym and working out the right way.
  214. Doesn't Look Like She Is Doing This Right
  215. Weightless
  216. Complete beginner, in need of a little feedback.
  217. A Single Exercise
  218. Cutting Season - How Much Cardio?
  219. Looking for help/advice
  220. How does this summer bulk routine look?
  221. Muscle soreness
  222. Better to alternate muscle groups or work one then next?
  223. Need help loosing the love handles
  224. Will this 3day full-body routine hit important muscles for time-limited dad?
  225. New Droid User
  226. Beefing up the shoulders with high reps
  227. Cardio or weights
  228. Animations
  229. Reddit's Interesting Fitness Tips
  230. Pull Up alternatives
  231. what does the time for each exercise mean?
  232. Loosing love handles
  233. Broken set
  234. Just need some quick help
  235. Weight loss - beer gut
  236. Tough Mudder
  237. Train Your Legs!
  238. Are You Over Training?
  239. Putting Weights Back Correctly
  240. Trouble with chest gains. Need some advice.
  241. Beginner - Lose weight, Get fit, Gain strength
  242. What NOT to do while in the gym!
  243. Need some help/feedback with a tummy toning routine
  244. Directional advice needed please
  245. Why Supplements?
  246. Hello guys
  247. Posing?
  248. How many deadhang pullups can you do?
  249. Not sure which about how to enter weights (and other questions)
  250. Tricep Pain