View Full Version : What types/Fequency of protein do YOU use for your muscle building goals???

02-05-2013, 02:24 PM
Hello all,

Just curious to find out some what some of you are taking or recommend in terms of proteins.....whether casein, iso, hydro etc etc.comapny or brand make...& combinations of as well as times of the day/night which you consume them.

Me: Currently- Muscle Pharm combat powder (iso, concentrate, casein) 24g protein/serving
- post workout in the a.m., and 30min-1hr before bed.

Any and all feedback is welcomed. thx :cool:

02-07-2013, 12:07 AM
Hello Dirtyv3gas,

I haven't taken Muscle Pharm Combat Powder yet but I have heard great things about it and read good reviews about their products.


Right now to save some money and not dish out tons of $$$ just on shipping prices and whatnot I am taking EAS 100% Whey Protein that I get from BJ's Wholesale Club. Its 30$ for 5lbs of protein that typically lasts me about 2-3 weeks for each bag that I get. Its a Whey Protein Concentrate blend which isn't as pure as a Hydrosolate or Isolate but still for me gets the job done.

I used to take Dymatize Elite Whey which was an Isolate Blend and was about 65$ for 10lbs and during my cut I was going through a 10lb tub every 3 weeks and just ran me up too much money along with shipping and other supplements that I was getting at the time.

I would also get the Optimum Nutrition Casein blend protein to take before bed and sometimes post workout or if I wanted to, would eat Cottage Cheese at night.


I want to try Platinum Hydro Whey but that stuff is EXPENSIVE!!! I mean just ridiculously expensive for just 3lbs and I know that Optimum 100% Whey is a fantastic protein blend that is filled with isolates.


Syntha - 6 by BSN is a mixture of Casein and Whey which is perfect for post workout but expensive too, and I want to try Dymatize for Casein as well since their Isolate Protein Blend was fantastic

But like I said I usually like to go for a Whey Protein for as soon as I wake up and then about an hour before I lift then followed by Casein/Whey after I lift and then Casein right before bed.

Right now since I am saving money and not really going super hardcore with supplements I am taking, I am just taking Whey protein when I wake up, before I workout, after I workout and then before bed.


Hey Robertrogo, thx for the feedback.......I've actually been looking at using Muscle Juice 2600 protein 11lbs for 60$ as I am a hardgainer and need the high calories this product provides, but am somewhat hesitant, as it is a weight-gainer, and I do NOT want to pack on mass at such a rate it turns into unwanted fats. As for the Muscle Pharm products, I have tried a few different ones and am really pleased with the effects they seem to hve on myself!

As for casein at night, I havent been able to do as much, $$$ being the issue, so you supp. cottage cheese at night for casein??

thx again for your feedback, it is very informative!!! appreciate it...cheers robertrogo

02-08-2013, 03:20 AM
thx for the advice Robertrogo, I will def. supp cottage cheese late night then, awesome!....I agree the taste is enough to make a maggot gag but it is what it is i guess.lol. So i ended up just buying Optimum nutrition Mass gainer....2 shovels a serving, and I mean shovels, almost 1-2 cups of powder!!!! yikes!!! but it was 70$ for 12lbs, which if taking accordingly only has 19 servings!!!!! Im going to spread it out for cost reasons, and that i just dont think my stomach can hold all that in one sitting.lol.......its has 7% fat/serving (6g) or 31% with low fat milk.... 1200 calories!! 50g protein and YES, you are correct as it does contain a touch of creatine-monohydrate......it has a whack of vitamins/minerals as well.....but hopefully it works out.

If you dont mind me asking, what is the website you purchase your protein @????? BJ's??? thx again man, appreciate the convos' and loads of info you have......cheers