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08-20-2013, 01:53 AM
I know that many people hear of these companies that sell supplements and just try to push a cheap product onto you. But, what if I can say I know a great company that supports the veterans, military, and civilians alike. Well, I know a company that does because while I was transfering over from military world to civilian world. He has taken care of all my needs for my supplements. I'm trying to give you guys a heads up on these people and who they are because they are good people. I have spoken to them personally and I tested a stack that blew my mind. Here is their web link:


These guys here have awesome stuff and it is not just men. These people also created stuff for women too. I'm not a rep or anything. I'm not trying to sell anything. Just check them out and see what they got.

08-20-2013, 06:00 PM
I appreciate it. This company supported me when I was just getting out of the military and into civilian world. They are very personal and will not misguide a person to buy a expensive product that you do not need. I love these people. I am going to keep buying from these people because they are the best and the product today made me feel like a total beast. They have a product called Silver Bullet that is amazing. I used it today and I was able to squat 355 lbs. And I never did that in my life and I was so proud of myself but I do not think I could have done that without the pre-workout they gave me. I will continue to do so. I am an avid supporter of those that support the veterans and the troops.

So, thanks to anyone looking at the post and please look into them. They are a great company please look into them. I'm not a representative. I'm just a client of theirs.