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08-30-2013, 03:11 PM
I am taking part in some product testing for GAT products...
Thought you may be interested.

Wednesday is typically a shoulder day for me, I chose to try the
Nitraflex/Adenoflex combo for this routine.
I am a big fan of volume and for this test I decided to take it up a bit more than normal. I've tried several other PWO's but don't use them all the time. I am sensitive to stims, I do not like the feeling personally that some products have given me.

The test...
I took the Nitraflex pack, watermelon flavor about 30mins before my workout.
For me, the flavor was good, more like fruit punch flavor than a watermelon flavor but overall it was pleasant! Shortly after I did get some "tingles" but they dissipated soon after and I did not get any jitters and I tolerated the product very well... so, Win!
The workout was shoulders as I mentioned, I do my work over lunch, I went through 7 different exercises consisting of 31 total sets.
I followed this session with the Adenoflex packet in the Melonberry flavor.
I really like the taste!

My thoughts...
Overall I am very pleased with this combo! I seemed to tolerate this combo very well and my general feeling is that I was able to up the volume/intensity during my big shoulder session due to its use. I felt very "pumped" all through the workout and additionally, while sitting behind my desk afterwards, I can report I felt "big" for some time after!
Bottom line is I plan on continuing using the Nitraflex after this at least as a stand alone... I like it that much.

Next up... JETMASS after Leg Day...
Thursday's is Leg work, and this week no exception.
Again I do my work over lunch, my session consisted of 6 exercises with 20 total sets. Details on my log (link above; post #120). After completing the work I had the JETMASS packet in the "Orange Cream" flavor.
First off... Great flavor! Bonus, stim free, low carb and sugar.
Thoughts? only time will tell on this, though I do believe I'd like to give it the proper time to really get some idea...

I am a huge fan of sipping on my amino's all during the day.
So later on after my leg's on Thursday I tried the Muscle Martini in the Peach Mango flavor... Hands down winner!

Seriously, it most likely will replace the "X" brand I've used for so long...
Already have two flavors on the way as I like variety... I generally have a gallon mixed up at work and another gallon at home. Of all the test product packets, this for me was the big win... It's a keeper for sure.

Lastly, the JetFuel Pyro...
I have yet to test this product. I'd like to pair it with my favorite HIIT routine over this long weekend at some point so I will reserve that part of the review until then...

08-30-2013, 03:38 PM
Thanks for the review on that. Nitraflex seems to get good reviews for the most part on BB too.