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    2 day split? (monday/tuesday)

    Ive started a 4 day muscle building program and have seen results.
    I got a promotion which only allows me 2 days in the gym, and I want to continue to build as much muscle as possible... How do I do this?

    I work as a CNA (caregiver for a home) and I end up having to stay on site 5 days a week, 24 hours a day.
    Sleep sometimes suffers, so does nutrition. But for now, I just want to develope an effective 2 day split.

    Would it be a good idea to spend more then 1 hour in the gym if 2 days (monday/tuesday) is all I have?

    Any other ideas on how to make the best out of the hand I have to work with?

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    The main thing I need to figure out is how long I should spend in the gym.

    Before, I had read that it was almost counterproductive to spend over an hour in the gym... However, that was when I had the ability to spread my workout out more.

    Does this rule still hold? Or perhaps after an hour my workouts are only 50% as effective? So should I perhaps spend even more time in there? Less? Inbetween?

    Any ideas?

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