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Thread: Bcaa's

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    I've been taking BCAA's off and on for a few months now, and I love the boost that they give to my workout. But I keep reading mixed information on whether or not you need to cycle off of them, or if you can take them for extended periods. I figure that it's very similar to protein so I don't really see why it would be necessary to cycle.

    What are your thoughts?

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    I use the Optimal Nutrition BCAAs in instantized powder form. I will add 3 scoops to 32 oz of water to drink during workout and will often start the day with the same amount.

    They taste good and mix well and helps me drink more water.

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    Muscle Martini is my go too. Not only its a bcaa drink but its also has Spectra blend in it! Its like a BCAA superdrink, so far yet to find anything like this product.


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    BCAA is basically filtered predigested protein. I don't cycle it. Since they absorb pretty fast, the best time is intra-workout - at least that's what works for me.

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    Best BCAA Supplement in India

    If you are talking about that which brand you should buy and use. Then I would suggest you Aminoz, the top leading and very trustworthy brand of sports nutrition supplements. I bought BCAA from here at a very reasonable price and I used it or got very effective results very quickly. You can buy this from its official website as well as from other online portal. There is really no side effect of it.

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    My top 3

    #1 - Bulk Supplements

    This company puts out some of the highest caliber BCCA’s on the market today.

    Their BCAA quality is one of the best in the supplement business.

    The reason why they are #1 on this list is because of the price per quality ratio.

    Another really cool thing with Bulk Supplements is that you can choose to get your BCAA’s in either Powder, Gelatin capsule or Vegetarian capsule form.

    This gives you the option of either mixing your BCAA’s in a liquid (of your choice), or carrying your BCAA’s around in a small container and simply gulping some down whenever you need a quick Amino fix.

    #2 - MusclePharm (MP)

    MP makes some of the purest supplements (supps) on the market today.

    The reason MP’s stuff is so pure is because of how many Professional and Olympic Athletes use their stuff. This is because they’re sponsored by MP.

    Almost ALL of the Professional and Olympic athletes who are sponsored by supplement companies have to sign a contract with their benefactor. These contracts are ironclad and state that the athlete will ONLY use the products they are being paid to use and endorse.

    This means the Pro’s and Olympians are using the same BCAAs you get, when you buy MP’s Amino Acids.

    Olympic athletes are some of the most tested competitors on the planet, and MusclePharm sponsors a LOT of Olympians. In fact, in 2014 MP became the Official Supplement Provider for the USA Wrestling Team.

    The reason why this is so important is because Olympic and Professional Athletes will literally lose their livelihood’s and not get paid if they “get popped” with unclean samples.

    #3 Universal Nutrition

    Universal has been making supps since 1977. So they have a long history on the market.

    Universal Nutrition’s BCAA 2000 is the most recommended product of theirs, one that has been tested on multiple people that had nothing to complain about.

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    BCAAs are a big waste of money. Use that money towards your diet instead. It is such a marketing scam. Only supps you REALLY need are whey protein, creatine, beta alanine, fish oils and MAYBE multi vitamins if you don't get enough from your diet.
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