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    Volume calc/chart

    Hi all,
    I'm a jefit free user, but I'm considering switching to the pro version. What changes so much between the two?
    A major concern is about a volume calculator/chart: is it available on the pro version? Because in the free is not... (or at least I've never seen it...)

    Merry holidays

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    Yes the volume chart is available in PRO. Check here for some more features: [URL][/URL]
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    To be honest, I don't see a huge difference between the free version and the pro version. There are a few different features of course, including no advertising, but nothing too grand. The makers of this offer a great free version, hats off to them. However for $4.99 you are not going to go broke going to the pro version and if any of the little extras help you than make the jump. If you are good with the free version than stick with it.

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    I would just like to say the free version is amazing and I was suprised it was free lol. The paid version offers no ads, tracking capabilities on all exercises, etc. Look at the chart [url][/url].

    I personally bought it because I use it so much that I wanted to contribute to the makers so they can continue to improve upon it

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    Me too, such a great app with such a low cost it seemed churlish not to upgrade - and doing so means free support for the lifetime of the app.

    Not bad for five quid!

    Kind Regards

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