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    Here is the workout I'm doing, it is a Push/Pull split every other day with 2 Push routines and 2 Pull routines.

    Push Workout 1

    Leg Press 3x5
    Bench Press 3x5
    Dumbbell Front Raise 3x5
    Seated Calf Raise 3x5
    Skullcrusher 3x5
    Dumbbell Side Bend 3x5

    Pull Workout 1

    Lat Pulldown 3x5
    Seated Leg Curl 3x5
    Bent-Over Row 3x5
    Upright Row 3x5
    Barbell Curl 3x5
    Barbell Shrug 3x5
    Weighted Incline Situps 3x5

    Push Workout 2

    Leg Extension 3x5
    Incline Bench Press 3x5
    Machine Shoulder Press 3x5
    Seated Calf Extension 3x5
    Tricep Pushdown 3x5
    45* side bend 3x5

    Pull Workout 2

    Close Grip Pulldown 3x5
    45* Hyperextension 3x5
    Cable Row 3x5
    Lateral Raise 3x5
    Dumbbell Curl 3x5
    Cable Shrug 3x5
    Cable Crunch 3x5

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    It looks good. Keep it up!

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