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    Wink Any one have any motivation?

    I'm easily motivated but I just thought I'd ask around and make some friends on here.

    Seeing how other people look motivates me, seeing what i could become and seeing what i dont want to look like. i've had Jefit on my phone since the summer and i love the app, but my phone is broke so i have had to write my workouts down, i miss my app lol.

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    Hmmm... could you sell me some of that motivation please? I'm fresh out...

    Kind Regards

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    I've got a little. [URL]![/URL]

    Like you, seeing others motivates me to try harder and push myself.
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    Abit of the same here, seeing someone walking round with big lats, or pecs make me want to run off an do some pull ups or flies!

    And that occasional time where you catch yourself in the mirror or just looking at yourself and get the lighting and angle just right and look twice the size you are, just makes me think YES! lets pick things up and put them down again!

    And probably my biggest motivation is NOT going, thank to christmas i've not been able to go from about the 23rd until yesturday!
    and it's just torture! the lack of energy, lack of good feelings lack of any kind of purpose etc
    E N G L A N D!

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