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    Hello from California --but I have a big question!

    Hello, My name is Stephan Pingel and I've been working out in the gym for 16+ years
    I'm like most people here, though, and I have a full time job, so I'm not in model shape.
    I'm in the military, though, and want to share a "deployment" workout I created and used a few years ago in the desert. I'd like to send a link for it to a few of my past workout partners,, so I have a question:

    I just posted a workout called "50lb workout" I have no idea how to search for routines, though. If I am looking for a routine, is there anywhere on the website where I can do a search for it? Thanks in advance. As I'm typing this, I thought about trying to use to search the domain...maybe that will work...I'll report back.

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    Okay, I figured it out:

    If you want to use Google to search the Routines Database, just type your search keyword(s) into the google search bar, followed by "site:".

    For instance, if you want to lookup routines with the word "hardcore" in them, type the following:

    "hardcore site:"

    Note: looks like it works best for searching titles of the workouts.

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    Nice find. That's a great workaround.
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