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    Well. As you can tell I've not updated for a few weeks.

    I'm training for a massive challenge at the moment - walk (hike) 100 km (62 miles) continuously through the Yorkshire Dales - a hilly area of countryside in northern England. It's a charity walk done in teams of 4, on 26 May.

    Anyway that's involved a pretty long (~26 miles or more) training walk every couple of weeks. I found that doing the stronglifts plus the walking made things very hard - the squats were tiring my legs in the week and walking at the weekends was then incredibly difficult, then there was insufficient time to recover. So since I have to do the walking training I have basically stopped stronglifts for now. Not that it is a bad program as such but I feel it's just not compatible with the other training I need to be doing right now. I'm still going to the gym 3x a week just focussing on upper body exercises with the occasional leg exercise thrown in, and cardio (swimming). At the moment I'm actually enjoying the variety and while I'm sure I'm not really gaining in the same way I was on stronglifts I'm just working towards a different goal right now.

    Once the walk thing is over and I'm recovered I may return to stronglifts or something similar - we'll see. (Don't know what the next challenge will be yet!).

    Also I've been really busy at work lately and also at home which is why I've not been updating the workout log.

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    Gool luck on your challenge !!
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