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    Thumbs up Muscle memory machine!

    Hey folks, I am Pete and I live in Melbourne, Australia.

    When I first started training back in 1996. I was 20 years old and hoped that I could put on some muscle on my skinny frame.

    I started working out with my best friend Ash from 2006 onwards and I felt real strength gains and saw improvements to my physique. It was so addictive!

    Over the years I had a couple of injuries like tearing my left tricep and stressing my AC joint but luckily was able to pick up the weights after a seemingly long healing process with the help of chiropractic and physio therapy

    Around 2010 my training routine became scattered after I stopped training with Ash. It was a combination of change in our work schedule and and living in different towns. Motivation eventually dropped and I stopped going to the gym altogether.

    My 2012 resolution was to hit the gym with a vengeance and it all seemed to fall into place when the gym in the estate where I live finally opened.

    "healthy body - healthy mind" is all too true. What I love about weightlifting is how it transforms my body, mind and spirit. It makes me want to be a better man.

    I absolutely love the JEFIT app, sure beats writing things down on paper or notebooks! It motivates me to do better. What you can measure you can improve and the only way is UP!

    I'm keen to connect with folks on JEFIT so hit me up!

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    Hey Pete! Welcome to the site. JEFIT is definitely better than pen & paper. Working out in general makes the mind feel better. Love pushing the limits to see what I grow to.
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