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    What's going on everyone, my name is Dustin and I wanted to introduce myself as I am new to this forum. I like what I have seen so far from the different things that you can do and the information that you can receive. Although I am not new to working out, I am very spotty and tend to go strong for a few months and then have a few down months as well. I am hoping with my new workout plan and being on the forums and staying interested and motivated I can continue. I look forward to getting to know a few of you and really taking my experiences to the next level!

    Oh, I am 25 years old and I am from Rhode Island!

    Dustin Merry

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    Hello Dusting,

    Welcome to the forum. Being involved helps with the motivation. I just don't feel right in a public gym and the few that have came to workout with me soon quit. So this app and forum has been a Great help.Hope they help you as well.


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