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    After workout muscle feeling...

    Hi guys,

    I was just wondering if you guys felt the same thing that I felt after a workout. If I do back and biceps, after the workout the muscles don't fell like much but then the next day I can tell that they are sore. Today I just finished chest and triceps and my muscles just feel week, like I can't tense my triceps.

    Do you guys feel something similar?


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    Depends on the workout. I typically feel a bit tired after a workout. The soreness usually hits me the next day.

    If I don't feel the soreness or tiredness, then I wasn't working hard enough.
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    I rarely have that feeling anymore. In the first few years I would have that all of the time however now I only get that from a short layover and starting back up. And time to time when starting a new routine I will get that feeling.

    I wonder; because I have been lifting for so long, is it possible that I'm just conditioned enough not to experience this? I work out hard with intensity and give it my all. Not so much in my current program as just getting past the de-load stage but others I would work till failure and beyond with assists. And would work the same muscle group with 2-3 different exercises.

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    Yea i get sore the next day usually. Decu68 your just a freak of but your probably well condtioned
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    I usually find that DOMS (Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness) has a two day cycle. Immediately following the workout (if I've been doing it right) the muscle feels sort of numb, and very tired. About 24 hours later it starts to get sore, this ramps up over 24 hours so it is feeling at the most sore 2 days after the workout, and then it starts to fade again over another 24 hours (or the next set of DOMS in a different muscle group is kicking in so I don't notice the first set so much!

    If, however, I haven't trained in a little while (due to injury or due to laziness...) I find the DOMS ramps up to peak over three days not two...

    DOMS is kind of an old friend that tells me I'm doing things right, and lets me know when its right to train the Muscle group again. The times I really have trouble is when its in the forearms or the biceps (you know that feeling when you can't straighten your arm at all?).

    Those are the times I have to reach for the Ibuprofen or I am unable to sleep!!!

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    I agree with Decu68, I tend to only feel very sore or tired when I'm first starting a new routine or exercise. With ones I've done for a few years like biceps curls or benchpress, I usually dont get the same ache I used to. Once the muscles get conditioned they respond to exercise better and recover faster.

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