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    Well do I say
    got. out of bath and thought my god I got
    fat left school 32" waist and now
    I'm a massive 49"
    18stone that's double my leaving school
    weight i know you put a bit on
    my lucks in my firm has open a gym
    £10 a month open 24hours a day 365days a year
    So decided time to make a change
    had blood tests done at docs
    And doctor was well shocked everything is
    working fine he said go gym and make a life style change
    so that's it time for that change
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    You'll be glad you did. I'm almost at a year mark and I'm actually healthier than when I was younger. It feels good not being the scrawny, weak kid.

    Good luck! Feel free to ask questions on the forums. Most people are friendly around here.
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