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Thread: Hello all!!

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    Cool Hello all!!

    Hi all, my name's Steven. Been training off and on for a while at home on my weight bench outside. Can't really afford gym membership. I think I have about enough to do what i need to do. bout 3-400lbs of weights, bench with leg and fly attachments, incline, flat, and decline settings. Have 6 dumbell bars that i can put 2-3 weight plates on either side. 2 straight bars, one curl bar, pull-up bar setup. Wanna figure out a way to safely do squats as i have no steady spotter. If yall would check out my stats, routine and info and tell me what you think. Constructive critcizm welcomed!! Thanks all nice to meet ya'll. Anyone close to salem, va? As, i could use a workout partner for spotting/motivation, and would be happy to do the same. Thanks again all!

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    Welcome to the forums Steven.

    In theory you can train every body part with dumbells and barbells. Our community here is still small at the moment but it's growing and we don't bite, so hopefully you'll enjoy yourself there.

    I can't help with the spotting I'm afraid because I'm in the UK, but we have members from all over so hopefully you might find somebody who can help you.

    Welcome to the forums!

    Kind Regards

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