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    iPhone app trouble

    Has anyone not been able to see their progress or profil pics on a PC after syncing with the JEFIT app? Using the app on my iPhone, I uploaded a profile pic and 7 progress pics but when I go to view them nothing is there. I can only see them on the app. I even tried updating the app and it is.

    Any advice from experience?

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    Yeah i have the exact same problem here.

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    Re: iphone app trouble

    Same issue here. Would be nice to complete all from app. Current work around seems to be taking picture with phone and then uploading to app and website. Is this bug being addressed?

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    I have same problem yesterday. Turn the phone off then on yet again then have an additional try. If it still doesn't work then reinstall the app. [URL=""]A One - Assignments - Write my assignments[/URL]

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    i have an iPhone 3G and there is some apps that i want but when i try to download them, some say not compatible with this iPhone. It is getting annoying and frustrating. [URL=""]Write My Essay Cheap[/URL] and I also can't even download common apps like facebook, myspace, or twitter. Please help!

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