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    Orinoco's SL 5x5

    After reading Sean's SL 5x5 I felt truly inspired and decided to give it a go, using the excel template sheet I have started from scratch so all my starting weights were the base ones, I have been overweight for the last 10 years, 3 years ago I weighed in at 336lbs and decided to do something about it, through cycling and some faddy dieting I got down to 238lbs, unfortunately I couldn't maintain that as some of the diets I did to get to that were never going to be a long term solution. For the past 3 months on and off mainly off I have been doing all sorts of split routines without any real methodology, so when I saw the simplicity of the SL 5x5 program I was sold

    Some of my starting stats

    Current weight 262lbs
    Body Fat 34%
    Height 5'11
    Chest 48
    Shoulders 48
    Waist 43
    Hips 45
    Thighs 27
    Biceps 15
    Forearms 13
    Neck 18
    Calves 18

    2 warmup sets
    Barbell Squat 45x5

    2 warmup sets
    Bench Press 45x5

    2 warmup sets
    Bent over rows 65x5

    The weights felt really light, however I was able to concentrate on form and that felt great, I can't wait to do Routine B I feel so motivated and if I am honest really want to get stuck into it today but know that I must wait until Thursday, once I do Thursday I'll post back, I'll be posting my body stats every 2 weeks
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