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    Grip problems with Romanian Deadlift

    I am currently working on the Fat Loss 1 program from the "New Rules of Lifting" book and I am having a problem with maintaining my grip on the bar during the Romanian Deadlift. The weight itself is not a problem, but I find it very difficult to maintain a strong hold on the bar any higher than 10 reps (15 being the aim), and I have to put the bar down for fear of dropping it! It may be because it is the end of the routine and I am just worn out.

    Is there anything I can do to increase the strength in my grip? would gloves or chalk help? I am not straining with the wieght, it's my fingers maintaing a strong grip.


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    You could use lifting straps to improve your hold on the bar, but in the longer run you would be better off developing your grip strength by exercising your forearms and by buying one of those Squeeze-grip-thingies (this is a techical term...) and carrying it about with you in your coat pocket.

    Whenever you have five or ten minutes when you're not doing something else, such as when you are sitting on the bus, or in a waiting room or whatever, try squeezing the grip for twenty reps, then slowly work up to longer numbers of reps. Wait a short time and repeat for as long as you have or as long as your grip holds out.

    Try squeezing it with the whole hand, then try squeezing using just the edge of the hand and the ball of the thumb. Then try squeezing and holding for a count of ten and so on.

    In a very short time you'll find your grip improving. I used to have problems with lateral pulldowns as my grip would give out before my back-strength did. I used straps to help, which worked (although they are a nuisance to work) but in the long run they made the problem worse because my grip got weaker as I was no longer using it so much.

    Best solution is probably a mix of the two; straps will help the short-term problem of assisting you in your deadlifts, and working the forearms and the grip will help in the long term by making your grip stronger.

    Just make sure you remember your own strength when involved in a... errrmm... in an intimate moment should we say. Otherwise the bruising can take a while to go away...


    Kind Regards

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    Thanks Dave

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    Skip straps altogether. They will be a crutch.

    Chalk is great for keeping the bar from slipping. If you gym doesn't allow chalk (some don't), Liquid Grip is great too. I've used it with great results. You can also try a mixed grip on the tougher sets. I use overhand for warm ups and all but the last set (I'm doing 5/3/1 currently).

    The best way to increase your grip strength is to keep doing things that require it. It will improve over time trust me. Pullups, chins, shrugs are all good for grip strength too. Skip the little grip toy. Its only good for when you're thinking about something at work.
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