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    Hello. New to JeFit and love it. Health is my life.

    I joined in February and after a week or two of rest, I am back on track. I am now focusing on personal control, maintaining a positive attitude, and maintaining a well-grounded balanced sense of self . No matter the day. Lucky to be here. And I need to remember this. Huge believer in pre-existing potential, and it's something I use on the daily. Am currently following Steve Cook's 360 lifting program and loving it so far. Cheers!

    So here I am as of February, and nothing more or less has changed due to two weeks of off-time, and a great jumpstart back last month. Will update pics later this week.

    superFoods: Garden of Life RAW Perfect Food, Green Vibrance
    Protein: Garden of Life RAW Protein, Carnivore liquid shots
    BCAA: Blox
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    Welcome to the forums and congratulations on your progress!!! You're looking good there!!!

    Kind Regards

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    Welcome to the forums . A positive attitude is very hard to keep at times , just have to keep looking forward and not back . A couple of weeks off is good . Sometimes it suprisese you the jumps you make when comming from a break . Keep up the good work .
    , Dewayne

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    May the force be with you

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