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    Weight loss ..

    Hello, I am 34.. I have always been into sports so for a big guy I am in decent shape. I am 323lbs and 6'1 1/2. I am trying to get down to about 240 soild any advise or diet advise or workout help I would be thankful.

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    Welcome to Jefit!

    I have been having very good results over the last 2 months using a few variations of intermittent fasting and carb cycling. The first month was IF, and was based on 16hr fasts and than consuming a reduced intake of calories (around 1800-1900 for me) in the remaining 8 hours. I mixed this diet with a high volume of cardio and mild weight lifting routines 4-5 days/week. While I did see some good results, I also found that i was losing too much muscle and would sometimes be too tired to get a good work out in.

    For the second month I switched over to carb cycling. I am doing 5 days of low carbs (around 125g) one day liquid fast (only protein shakes and a meal replacement shake) and then on the last day I do high carbs (around 200g). I also upped my weightlifting while keeping my cardio around the same level. So far I am seeing much better results, and have more energy to get hard workouts in.

    Hope this helps


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    I'm not to far from you I'm 6'2 but im currently at 220lbs.

    I have found awesome results with the Anabolic/metabolic diet. now dont let the name scare you it has nothing to do with drugs. Pretty much you use your weight times it by 18 and use that as your calorie intake. Now your goal is to only eat 30g of Carbs a day the rest all good fats and protein. the thing i like about this diet is i still get to eat all my favorites foods. for the 1st 3 weeks you dont have a carb cycle at all and then on the 3rd weekend you add carbs for 2 days.

    rather easy diet to follow and like i said, i have had awesome results with it. a quick google search will show a lot of info on it if you want to get more in depth into it.

    in regards to this diet i have lost 6kg in 3 weeks (i do train a lot at the gym) my body fat % is down and im lifting more then i use to (not PB's as im only 4 weeks back from a overseas holiday where i let shit go)


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    Keep it simple Jeff.....

    Make a point of getting daily exercise into your routine. Walking as much as possible, strength training and then throw in a couple of interval sessions to burn some extra calories.

    Try and eat more protein (a gram for every pound of bodyweight), low glycemic fruits (berries, cherries, plums), cruciferous vegetables (broccoli, cauliflower, brussel sprouts, etc) and minimize the amount of starch you take in (breads, paastas, potatoes, rice). If you absolutely have to eat some starch, have a sweet potato post workout. A good rule of thumb is to stick to the perimeter of the grocery store (that is where the real food is) and stay out of the aisles (that is where the processed food is).

    Hope that helps,


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    Weight loss is probably the single biggest reason people start to exercise and many people join a gym for own fitness.

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    How quickly do you lose your weight?

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    Weight loss

    What can be the best point of losing Weight? Spend time in Gym to lose pounds daily. Good news is that you can lose weight in short time say for a week, following certain Healthy Habits
    1. Limit sugar and Salt
    2. Sleep Right
    3. Drop Sweat
    4. Eat Home Food
    5. Drink more Water

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