Okay, let's get into the meat of the workouts...I have finished Week 2 of AMD 2.0 (for posting purposes, I will use A2 as an abbreviation...don't like it...tough cookie dough. )

The program comes with two flavors: Build Strength/Build Muscle (BS/BM) or Build Muscle/Lose Fat (BM/LF). I am doing the BS/BM protocol.

Smitty is a huge proponent of mobility, mobility, mobility. Since I came off of the island of Stronglifts 5x5, I know that I needed to do this protocol yet I really thought I could skirt this. By God's grace, I have been lifting fine without any injuries. Still, I need to be teachable (shout out to KB Gal) and decided to embrace change.

Smitty calls his mobility protocol: AER (AMD Essential Recovery).

The other piece of my workout salad that was missing was focusing on core work. Wait, 'Riki, you mean doing squats and deadlifts would address that?!? You crazy! No. Squats and DL do contribute to the core yet the core is foundational to helping to increase not only strength in lifts yet also stability. So Smitty addresses this in his Core component.

How Smitty has the program laid out is the following:

-(main workout)
-(supplemental exercises)
-Static Stretching
*Optional Fat Loss

Oh, there is a gigantic bonus that Smitty put into this programs for yellow personalities like myself (color personalities here: [url]http://bit.ly/Ic0YzA[/url]). He switches up the program every week! YES! I love that! This goes in line with what Charles Polinquin stated about the way God made the body so adaptable that one would need to switch up workouts by the fourth or sixth protocol (see The Borg Principle here: [url]http://bit.ly/IGgW8J[/url]).

Week One / Day One:

AER stuff (including my arch-nemesis X-Band Walks...HSSSSS!)

1) Barbell Clean and Press - 85lb x 4 x 8 Reps
2) Superset: DB Side Rows (heavy) + DB Shrugs

- Rows - 25lbs x 3 x 12
-Shrugs - 50lbs x 3 x 15

3) DB Lunges - 45lbs x 3 x 8

4) Superset: Decline Sit-ups + Planks

- Situps: 2 x 15 Reps
- Planks: 2 x 45 seconds hold

5) AER; DB Posterior Flyes - 20lbs x 2 x 10

Static Stretching: 5-10 minutes

Optional Fat Loss


Okay, so that was to give you a feel for the program. I'll fast forward to Week 2 and the workout I did yesterday. By the way, I am doing 3 times a week (M,W,F).

Week 2 - Day 5

1) AER Foo-Foo Stuff (X-Band Walks again...GRRRR!!!)

2) DB Clean and Press - 40lbs x 4 x 6 then went up to 45 lbs

3) Super-set: Zercher Squats + DB Floor Press

-Z-Squats: 120lbs x 3 x 8 (PR!) - had to pause between reps...I was spent...yet I finished them all.

-DB Floor Press: 55lbs x 3 x 10 - sucking up wind now. LOL

4) Alternating DB Curls - My Kryptonite! - 25lbs x 3 x 10

5) Hanging Knee-Ups - 3 x 10Reps

6) Hindu Push-Ups - Pure Evil! I would have leg drop-kicked Smitty if he was near me! - 3 x 20Reps

7) Static Stretching: 5-10 minutes

My buddy challenged me for my optional fat loss to the Men's Health Spartacus Workout (link: [url]http://bit.ly/IXeIiO[/url]). I did it yet my body was NOT liking it at all.

For Friday workout session, I got to Snap Fitness about 9-ish p.m. and didn't leave until 11-ish p.m.

This morning I am feeling the DOMs and there is nothing more satisfying than looking at your workout log paper with your own sweat drops on it. Other 40 years old people were probably at McDonalds or at the clubs. Not me...that is not my destiny. Other weightlifters may have a better build than me yet like Cav, we are cut from the same cloth. We know that hard work triumphs talent all the time and we have to be hungry enough to go after it.

Thanks for all your support and here is some motivation for you all from my man Eric Thomas...be relentless, friends.