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    Full Body workout Routine

    I was wondering once your body starts getting use to a certain routine most people switch it up, i'm curious to know how your body reacts or is it worth it / good for your body to work all muscle groups 3 times a week instead of trying to break it down into about 2/3 muscle groups a routine?

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    Depends. What are you goals?

    There's no negatives to either method if it matches your goal.
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    I had huge success the first time I did Robert E. Spector's H.I.T. Program (High Intensity Training). This program involves a full body workout however you only do "1" set. Now that doesn't sound like much but let me tell you I have NEVER seen as good of results as I did the first time I did this. I tried it 3 times over the years though the first time I had the best results. If interested send me your email and I will send you a pdf of this program.

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    I'm interested in gaining muscle mass; however, i do not wont to lose my definition. I have well defined now, i would like to pack on about 10-15 pounds of lean muscle.

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    Strong Lift 5x5 works for me.

    Like Decu88 said, some programmes dont seem conventional but they do provide results, pick a programme designed by a professional and you will get rewards for your effort.

    Loads to choose from Here [url][/url]

    Many are already pre-programmed on JEFIT so once you find what programme you want the chances are you should be able to download it to your JEFIT app form the JEFIT database.

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