Okay, let's start this ball rolling. Some of my workouts are still playing catchup from;

a) A period of inactivity
b) Recent injuries - particularly a problem with my core.
c) Lack of motivation making regular attendance a problem

I have recently completed a fat-loss phase losing a total of 16Kg of fat. My current weight is 71Kg and my Tanita Balance estimates my fat percentage as around 15%.

My stubborn bodypart has always been chest and it is, ironically, the part of me I most want to develop. At the moment I'm keen to create bulging shoulders, and that is a part I have tended to neglect in the past, so the weight I can use on shoulders is comparitively low. Additionally, since I do a lot of cycling (not specifically in a sports/exercise context, just in the sense of getting around cheaply!), I tend to leave legs until last and recently I have not been completing all my routines so legs have been a bit neglected too.

However, I'm starting to look a lot better in the mirror. My chest workout has started to enter a "working" phase rather than a catch-up phase and hopefully if I can keep up with regular workouts, then all my workouts will soon be in the "working" phase.

I've been a bit reluctant to start logging my weights on here because they are low compared to other people's, but everyone has to start somewhere, right? I'm hoping that if I lose motivation again, people on here can help me stay on track.

Here's to looking at a new body for 2012!!!

Kind Regards