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Thread: JG's log

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    i'll probably do just that

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    17/12/12 Workout A

    Squat 82.5kg
    Bench 62.5kg
    Row 52.5kg

    All 5x5 completed

    19/12/12 Workout B

    Squat 85kg
    OHP 35kg
    Deadlift 90kg
    All 5x5 & 1x5 deadlift completed

    21/12/12 Workout A

    Squat 87.5kg
    Bench 65kg
    Row 55kg

    All 5x5 completed

    Notes: jumped from 30 to 35kg on the OHP. Reason being is that there was only one 1.25kg plate in the gym at the time for some reason.

    The 5x5 of the squats are challenging me more than i thought. I've lifted >100kg on a 5x5 but not 3 times/wk. The other thing is tha on my previous squats i was doing a box squat type manoeuvre by squatting down onto a bench. I'm not doing this anymore and trying to allow myself to go lower and stabilise the weight without assistance.

    The other thing i've moved away from is the smith machine. Not using it for benching and finding lower weights tougher than i anticipated. Just concentrating on good form.

    So far so good now

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    haven't been posting much recently but still going ahead with stronglifts.


    Workout B

    Squat 90kg
    OHP 37.5kg
    Deadlift 95kg


    Workout A

    Squat 92.5kg
    Bench 67.5kg
    Row 57.5kg


    Workout B

    Squat 95kg
    OHP 40kg
    Deadlift 105kg


    Workout A

    Squat 97.5kg
    Bench 70kg
    Row 60 kg

    So far have managed everything 5x5 but the squat is definitely the hardest to keep going with. Struggled on the last few reps yesterday but managed to push through it without sacrificng form.

    the 100kg squat on the next gym visit will be tough though....


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    So? 100kg win or fail?
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