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Thread: Im 3 weeks in

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    Im loving this app. Ive been using this app religiously. Ive noticed huge change in my chest, shoulders, bis, and tri's, and my back as far as visually and by my strength. But here is the kicker, my tummy fat seems to be increasing. Im using the fitness pal app and watching my calories ive only lost about 4 pounds in 3 months not happy with the results so I started taking hydroxycut. I had a buddy take them and dieted and exercised and had big results. Im also taking them without my wife knowing cause dont wanted me to use pills. I guess alittle feed back from everyone would help me make a decision on to continuing use or not. HELP

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    How are you "measuring" your tummy fat? Just looking in the mirror every day may not be an effective way of gauging the loss, if it is happening at all.

    Muscle is denser than fat, so if you are gaining muscle you can actually gain "weight" while still losing fat. If your abdominals are developing then, initially, this can have the effect of creating a hard "wall" that pushes the belly fat outwards, making it more prominant and therefore more noticeable.

    My advice is to use the "Progress Picture" function in JEFIT (or on any camera) to take regular pictures - at least once per week - in the same pose each time (you can do this in a mirror or get your wife to take the picture). Then label each one with the date and view them side by side over time.

    If, as you suggest, you are controlling your calories adequately then you will see losses over time, even if your weight stays the same or increases.

    Impedence Scales (which use an electrical impulse to measure body fat percentage) and calipers can be used to gauge your progress as well - although they have a high level of error so their results need to be taken "with a pinch of salt"...

    (...low sodium of course!!! LOL)

    What you haven't told us here is how many calories you are eating and what foods/regularity etc are in your diet.

    I have seen a lot of diet products come and go and I remain sceptical that they are anything other than a means of "seperating a fool from his money". If you feel that they are working for you, and you are happy with spending the money, then by all means continue but I believe that the majority of people who see "success" with them are successful because of the other changes they make to their lifestyle at the same time, and not because of the product.

    There are other little changes you can make which add up... When watching TV in the evening, instead of sitting on the couch, sit on an exercise ball instead - at least for part of the night. The need to keep adjusting your balance will burn far more calories than sitting on the sofa will.

    And remember - this stuff does not happen overnight. You may feel that 4 pounds in 3 months is slow progress, but it's still progress!!! So take heart that this is working (albeit slowly) and keep going!!!

    Kind Regards

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