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    Need motivation advice!

    Hi, I'm new to this community. It seems like a great community. I have been using the app on my cell phone for a while to keep track of my stats but I have a motivation problem. I need some advice from people who work out regularly here. So last year January I started working out at LA Fitness with my girlfriend. Our schedules eventually changed by august because of school and work. It wasn't till then I realized she was a HUGE motivational aid. And thats the time I saw the biggest difference. Any ways, I started slacking a little. I would work out at odd times sometimes early morning sometimes mid day and sometimes late night. Because I work and go to school both full time. I still kept working out and I had lost 55 lbs total between january and september (Mostly Fat). By December I took a 22 ft fall while cleaning the ceiling of my house and injured both wrists and had a surgery in both in Early january. Since then I have not worked out. Now that my wrists are fine and I am all the way back to where I first started. I gained my weight back all the way to 220lbs im 5ft7. I can't seem to motivate myself in the gym. I cant lift as heavy as I could. I don't have a partner to work out with. I go there and I see all other people in good shape working out I feel like crap. Secondly my job requires a lot of driving and I cant stop eating fast food. Plus im always hungry. Any tips from some successful people would be really helpful. I need some tips on how to avoid junk food. And kill my appetite. I get CRAZY hunger attacks. And how to motivate myself to work out alone.

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    Motivation comes from within; no place else.

    I hear you loud and clear. I tried working out and would get on a good routine, work out with some friends only for them to drop off, me lose motivation and stop. I would try working out alone and would easily find ways not to and stop again. This was an on and off cycle that seen me gain a lot of unwanted weight. On December 24, 1997 my younger brother beat me in an arm wrestle; that had never happened. We went again and I did beat him but took everything to do so. Enough was enough, I had got soft, so put a plan in motion on December 27, 1997 and have been lifting ever since. I lift alone and I keep myself motivated. My motivation is I don't EVER want to be the older me. I've hit multiple slumps where my motivation is low, and it will always happen, but not lifting I know is worse and I have to find that something to keep me going and always do.

    YOU have to find that something to make you want to lift. YOU have to make the difference.

    One of the things I found to keep me on track was to keep a log; back then it was a written log and still to this day do as well. I preplan the days I am working out for the week and write them in; I am hard pressed to cross out a workout as I feel like I am quitting and I am not a quitter; not any more. With this app I cannot preplan the week so why I keep my written log. I no longer write down my workouts for lifts, sets and reps (do that on the app) however each day I work out is listed as well as notes and I write down how many days I have been lifting. This may be something that you may wish to do as well, it helps me.

    I have also suffered some injuries that took me away from lifting over these 14+ years. I severed my ACL and had surgery in December of 2006 which laid me up. I crushed some vertrebra in my neck in 2005 and 2007 that sidelined me. I've had other injuries as well such as a torn rotator cuff, torn distal bicep tendon, surgery on my elbow plus some broken finger and toes (all martial arts related). Being away from lifting was a killer and that was motivation enough to get back at it as soon as I could. I hated coming back and lifting so much less than I was used to but that is what it is and to get back to where I was is the motivation I needed.

    I'm now 43 years old. My metabolism is not what it used to be. I'm not as strong as I once was so some of those big lifts are no longer there. It is a struggle just to maintain what I have and gains are far and few. I have some back issues that started in February. These are all hurdles in my way but I'm still lifting because nothing is going to keep me down.

    What is keeping YOU down? How can YOU over come it?

    I sit at a desk a lot of times for my work. I ride a round a fair bit as well. Fast food was par for course because it was simple and was a no brainer. You should be making your meals for work the day before and get into this habit. It will be difficult at first but the more you do it the easier it will get. I'm lucky as my wife makes my lunches to keep me on track; she's great. Earlier I eluded that I gain a lot of unwanted weight; this was why, not to mention I was inactive. I had to decide that "I" was going to make the difference to eat healthier so cut out initially for over a year all sweats. No pop (soda). Introduced more fruits and vegetables. Eating smaller portions. Drink a boat load of water. It was hard let me tell you. And since December of this year I found out I had some food allergies that included gluten so I have had to make huges changes to my diet.

    Some things earlier that I did to eliminate hunger attacks was drink MORE water. Many times your body cannot tell the difference between hunger pains or thirst pains. I would also make myself a health shake which made me feel full. It was 1 cup milk, 1 banana, 1/4 cup orange juice, 1/4 cup yogurt and 1/4 cup of strawberries. I would blend this and add ice so that it was thick. And because you are blending up a banana, this will definitely make you feel more full. Plus snack lightly on raw carrots, celery, etc.

    You are facing things that everybody else faces; not doing anything is just an excuse. Either you continue to make excuses or YOU make a difference. It is YOUR life to live and to do what you want. Only YOU can make the difference. Good luck.
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    I really don't have much to add to what decu68 already posted. It's all good advice.

    I workout alone. I don't know whether it's because I'm an only child or not, but that's never bothered me. As decu said, YOU have to be motivated. You cannot rely on your friends, girlfriends, etc.. YOU're in charge. If I don't workout, guess who's fault it is?

    This guy has quite a few motivational videos that are worth watching:

    Here's a couple from Smitty from Diesel SC. Good stuff.

    And if you want a bunch more, here's my motivational playlist: [URL][/URL]
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    Motivation (or lack thereof) is one of my biggest enemies!

    One trick I use is forcing myself to physically go to the gym even when I don't feel like working out. I sit and drink coffee and watch the exercising. Sometimes that's as far as I get and then I go home, and that's fair enough - at least I went!, but more often than not I start to feel guilty at not exercising, and I will get changed and have a go! It may turn out to be the worst workout on record but at least I did SOMETHING.

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    Right now I use social media to motivate me. I have several friends and relatives that works out. So we keep each other motivated with our facebook posts. Encouraging each other to keep it going. Even post,"Hey I heard anything from you" to get them back to exercising. I has been working out great for me.

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    ^ That's another good point. I and many others here keep public logs. If nothing else, it helps keep you accountable.
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    Quote Originally Posted by decu68 View Post
    but not lifting I know is worse and I have to find that something to keep me going and always do.


    Just think, working out you dropped 55lbs and were feeling great

    Without working out your 220 lbs

    I have alot of problems with energy in general, maybe it's to do with depression and other things, or maybe i'm just a lazy ****
    either way you've got to get past it,

    i don't drink or party to let go of problems or relax, i lift! theres 2 times in my life i genuinely feel good, that's during/after a workout, and whilst playing football (the kind using a foot and a ball, not hands and an egg)

    Sure some times i have to phsyically force myself to go, barely make it to the gym, but once i get going that's all gone, all the problems, worries lack of energy everything is gone it's like meditation

    But my motivation for going...(apart from wanting to look/feel good etc) the last time i didn't go for no reason (work, injury etc) ended up in a suicide attempt and i KNOW that if i had forced myself to go the gym that day, instead of that i would of spent the rest of the day feeling fantastic!

    so for me lifting means life.
    E N G L A N D!

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