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    Help me with a routine please!

    Ok so got jefit been doin the standard routine, but I need to put muscle on... I play rugby the position is 2nd row, trying to get up to 18 stone I currently weigh 15.5, and I'm 6ft 5 anyone got any idess on wat I need to do? I train Wednesday and play Saturday. Any help or advice would be great!

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    You need to put in 3 - 4 days per week to add strength. Try to start simple.
    Monday: Upper Body
    Tuesday: Lower Body
    Wednesday: Upper Body
    Thursday: Lower Body
    Friday: Pre Game Rest
    Saturday: Game
    Sunday: Post Game Rest

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    If you're trying to build 2.5 stone of muscle it'll require a lot of work. I'd recommend doing a '[URL=""]clean bulk[/URL]' and dedicating 3-4 sessions per week of weight training.

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    Adjust your diet and improve protein intake such as whey protein and lots of chicken and red meats

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