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Thread: G'day

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    G'day from Australia,

    Long time user, just started posting.

    Hope to learn more and see what others are doing.

    Currently trying to bulk, however my diet sucks donkey d**k. Long process but as we all know, its a lifestyle change not a quick easy change.

    Any questions dont hesitate to ask.


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    G'day Mate! Nice to hear from the Commonwealth!!!

    Welcome to our little community.

    Yeah... Diet changes can be tricky but it really seems to be the key to the whole process!!! Not sure I can recommend donkey d**k... the protein content is a little low. I understand that Kangaroo meat, on the other hand, is lower in fat than turkey breast and high in protein. I found it a little liverish when I tried it but I imagine it goes well with onions...

    Kind Regards

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