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    noob routine suggestions

    greetings all,

    after my traditional gym membership failure to attend i decided i needed to develop a habit of exercising at home. to this end i've bought some basic home weight kit:

    5ft spinlock barbell
    2 x spinlock dumbells
    4 x 2.5kg, 1.5kg & 0.5kg weights
    sit-up board
    resistance band

    routine v2 -

    as a complete noobie to this kind of thing, i started the first few days hammering away at the recommended routines which came with the product packaging. naturally this was somewhat aimless and the need for structure was obvious. that's when i discovered jefit and set about creating a routine to assist in turning body fat into something a little more useful.

    with advice from a work colleague i've grouped my exercises into body sections (upper body: arms+shoulders, torso & legs) for each day.

    should there be any glaring omissions from my routine with the kit available to me i'd be most grateful for the heads up.

    i lead a fairly sedentary life at work - cycling an average 60 miles a week and am using myfitnesspal to manage 1420 calories a day. this has led to me shedding a stone in a month and feeling energised rather than weak and listless. which is nice

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