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    Wink Introduction

    Hi there

    Well, my friend Dave recommended the Jefit app for my iPhone and it looks like it will be a very useful tool for me. I signed up to my local gym today and will have my induction on Friday, after that the fun begins.

    6 Weeks ago I had a sleeve gastrectomy due to various issues with my weight and medications and now that I am thoroughly on the mend I am hoping to both increase weight loss and add some muscle mass at the same time because said procedure can often lead to losing muscle mass as well as weight.

    Being a complete noob at working out I don't doubt I will be turning to both the app and these forums for support and advice!

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    Welcome to the Forums Dan!!!

    (Dan is a friend of mine, who I recommended to give JEFIT a try).

    There's lots of knowledgeable people on here and often some good advice is given. A good way of tracking progress is to take photographs so you can compare. Sometimes very real progress happens but you can't see it because it is too gradual.

    Some people on here like to maintain a personal log (in the "Personal Logs" section of the forum). This can be a way of maintaining motivation because, if you don't post for a while, people can give you a prod - or they can comment on questions/problems that arise as you are going along.

    Some people on here are quite advanced, but we have lots of less advanced people training too, so don't be put off if some posts seem overtly technical.

    It should be admitted, upfront, that JEFIT has some faults and some annoyingly persistent bugs, but it really does seem to be the best gym-tracking programme available for Android and iPhone, so do stick with it!

    Glad to see you on here!

    Kind Regards

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