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    Aaron's Log

    Starting a public log to give myself a little extra motivation. I am a lacrosse player, so my workouts are all centered around improving at my trade. I've also got other motivating devices right now, people telling me I probably can't accomplish goals, not being picked for a higher level summer team, and [URL=""]this[/URL] video. Having someone to be accountable to is also a huge help, so I'm hoping this will help facilitate that situation. I got the inspiration to start this thread from [URL=""]this[/URL] video.

    I'll do my best to update on here, at the very least, every other day. For now, I'll be doing workouts six days a week; Monday, Wednesday and Friday are SpeedAgilityQuickness (SAQ) and on-field conditioning/skill work; Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday are going to include [URL=""]lifts[/URL], at least 30 minutes of cardio, likely to be done post-lift, and another 30+ of wall-ball ([URL=""]example video[/URL]). I'll be posting my specific workout routine, how many reps, sets, etc. I did, time, distance, etc. for each day. I'll also mention anything extra from the day, for example; I play in games on Tuesdays and Thursdays, so I will update my stats from those games. Notes, observations, how I'm feeling mentally, physically, etc. will also be updated here.

    For now, that's all I can really think of. If I've missed anything, please let me know. Like everyone else on here, I'm always looking to improve.

    Lifting Goals: For Sept. 1, 2012 (all at 3 sets/8 reps)
    Dumbell Bench - 55 lbs
    Dumbell Arnold Press - 35 lbs
    Barbell Upright Row - 115 lbs *original goal, 85 lbs, broken on 7/19*
    Dumbell Step Ups - 45 lbs
    Leg Press - 240 lbs
    Back Hyperextension - 35 lbs
    Wrist Rollers - N/A

    All of my current stats are 10 lbs less than my goals are. I am more than open to changes to my goals, but honestly, I'm not sure where to start, so I figured a 10 pound increase all-around is a good starting point. I'll reevaluate where I'm at on September First, and use that as a guideline to set my next two/three month goals. If/as I reach goals, before September First, I'll notate that and increase my goal.

    Conditioning Goals: Sept. 1, 2012
    "L" Cone - 6.0 seconds (6.4 sec. set 7/2)
    40 yard - 5.0 seconds (5.46 sec. set 7/23)
    20 yard - 3.0 seconds (3.21 sec. set 7/23)
    5-10-5 - 4.8 seconds (5.1 sec. set 7/23)
    [URL=""]Illinois Drill[/URL] - 13.1 seconds (13.46 sec set 7/23)
    More baselines to be set within the next week...

    Lacrosse Goals: For Fall Season (October thru December)
    Face-off - Win 60% of draws, and 45% of posessions.
    Points - 10 total
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    Glad to see another logger. It seems like lacrosse is becoming more popular in the states. Or maybe I'm just noticing it more.
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    July 3rd, 2012

    Yeah Deviation, I think it's probably a combination of both. It is definitely still growing at a high rate, and the sport is starting to pull more athletes from other sports like football, basketball, etc. It also seemed like there was more of it on television this year, with multiple college games a week on ESPNU, at least one per week, if not more, on CBS SportsNet, and every so often on a Sunday, on ESPN2 and ESPN. Not to mention the Final Four and National Championship game being shown on ESPN. Not to mention a kid from the west coast winning the Tewaaraton (college lacrosse's Heisman). Now, going into summer, the pro league (Major League Lacrosse) is on pretty often as well. It's really cool seeing how far it has come in the ten years since I started playing.

    Now, onto my workouts from this morning, and yesterday.

    Yesterday's conditioning:

    Complex 1
    Ladder 1: 3 x One foot in each + 5 yard sprint
    Ladder 2: 3 x Two feet in each + 5 yard sprint
    6 inch Hurdle: One foot in each + 5 yard sprint
    12 inch Hurdle: One foot in each + 5 yard sprint

    Complex 2
    Ladder 1: Lateral scissor jumps, down and back + 5 yard sprint
    Ladder 2: Lateral two foot in, two foot out, down and back + 5 yard sprint
    6 inch Hurdle: Lateral shuffle, down and back + 5 yard sprint
    12 inch Hurdle: Lateral two foot hop, down and back + 5 yard sprint

    3 x L Cone: 6.8 sec, 7.0 sec*, 6.4 sec
    *slipped on second turn

    5 x 200 yard Run: 46 sec, 33 sec, 34 sec, 42 sec, 46 sec

    Rolled my ankle pretty bad on April 4th, and haven't done much conditioning work since then. Fittness wasn't where I'd like, but it's not the worst shape I've been in. Footwork stuff was good, didn't go too quick, but wasn't slacking. Conditioning, felt pretty quick on the second and third 200 yard runs, but started feeling like I might yahk if I kept that pace, so I toned it down. Slacked a little bit, but still felt like I ran decent times, and definitely got a good workout in.

    Today's lift log:

    Low Bike: Resistance level 7 for 5 minutes.

    Complex 1
    Dumbell Bench: 40.0x8,40.0x8,40.0x8
    EZ Bar Skull Crushers: 45.0x8,45.0x8,45.0x8
    Dumbell Arnold Press: 25.0x8,25.0x8,25.0x8
    Dumbell Incline Fly W/ Twist: 25.0x8,25.0x8,25.0x8

    Complex 2
    Dumbell Incline Bench: 30.0x8,30.0x8,30.0x8
    Triceps Pushdown: 90.0x8,100.0x8,100.0x8
    Double Incline Shoulder Raise: 35.0x8,35.0x8,35.0x8
    Straight Arm Pushdown: 40.0x8,40.0x8,40.0x8

    Went to bed too late last night, around 1130, so wasn't feeling great when I woke up this morning, around 530, but sucked it up and got into the weight room by 615. Felt tired, so went a bit lighter on everything, and didn't push to add much extra weight on anything. To compensate, I really focused on form and tempo and got a good workout in. Need to do better getting to bed earlier so I'm ready to go by 600, and I'm feeling more rested.
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    July 4th, 2012

    Played a game last night, and won pretty much every face-off I took, which felt great. I went 5-for-5 at the beginning, and I can't remember exact numbers describing how I did after that, but there were a lot more wins than losses. My hands were qiuck and strong, and I was hearing the whistle really well. I need to work on getting set in my stance pre-whistle, so I'm in a comfortable position and I can get to my feet quickly after I win the draw, so I'll be adding that to Friday's workout itinerary. Also want to work on speeding up my hands a bit more, and I want to develop my "plunger" move a little more so I can put myself in a fast-break situation more often, because right now I'm winning pretty much every draw behind me.

    Today was a cardio/conditioning day, so I went out on a midday run in my neighborhood. Nike+ SportBand logged me at 1.95 miles, but I mapped it at 1.71 miles, so I assume it is closer to the 1.71 I mapped. I was out for 15 minutes, 53 seconds giving me a pace of 9 minutes, 17 seconds. My goal today was mostly testing my ankle strength, as I'm still working on rehabbing it from an early April injury. It felt pretty tight for the first mile, but started to loosen up as I got into the second mile. My pace was pretty mellow, wasn't really going for speed, or distance for that matter, so I'm not terribly upset with my time. I think I'm going to work on getting some more elliptical and stationary bike time in to keep my endurance up while I continue to strengthen the ankle. Hopefully I'll be running another 5k or 10k by the end of summer though.

    Tomorrow I've got a lift in the morning, and I'll be plaing a co-ed game in the evening. Gotta keep working hard, only 81 days until fall-ball starts.

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    July 14th, 2012

    Been away on vacation for the past week, and won't be back to my proper training routine until Wednesday. I've done one lift (push), and almost no cardio (unless you count walking... hahahaha). Looking to start a new, more controlled, diet when I get home as well. Will update in here again when I'm home.
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    July 18th, 2012 - Part One

    Alright, so today is my first day home from vacationing with my family. I've been thinking about my diet and how I eat over the break, and I want to improve where I'm at right now. Problem is, I really have no good idea where to begin. I want to drop my body fat percentage (not sure where it is right now, but I'm 6'2" and 220 lbs), but not compromise strength and speed, just like everyone does I suppose.

    I'm effectively training eight days a week, three in the weight room, three on the field doing conditioning, and two days on the field playing. So, does anyone have any advice they can give? I've looked in the food/nutrition section, and the diet plan section, but I'm still not sure where to go from where I am at. Should my diet differ from other people on here because I play a sport, or would I be able to do similar diets to those found in the forums? Any help is greatly appreciated.

    I'll post my workout from today after I complete it.

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    July 18th, 2012 - Part Two

    Alright, here is today's workout:

    Warm-Up (all 10 yards + 10 yard jog, down and back)
    High Knee Pulls
    High Knee Skips
    Forward Lunge
    Side Shuffle
    Kareoka w/ High Knee Drive
    Lateral High Jumps
    Lateral Lunge (right down, left back)
    Sumo Squat

    Complex One
    20-yard Sprint x 3
    40-yard Sprint x 3
    5-10-5 Shuttle x 3
    Illinois Drill x 3

    Complex Two
    Ladder - Icky Shuffle x 3
    Ladder - 2-in-1-out x 3
    (Both ladders, down and back w/ five-yard sprint)
    10, 20, 30, 40, 50 (from goaline to 10 and back, goaline to 20 and back, etc.) x 2

    Static Stretching - Five Minutes
    Half-lap around the field
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    July 19th, 2012

    Did a pull lift on Thursday, felt good but I know that I haven't been in the gym, or hitting the field/wall consistently enough. I need to stop making excuses and just get working. I've ordered Applied Nutrition for Mixed Sports by Lyle McDonald to help me lose some weight, get my body functioning at a high level so I'm making better physical progress, in less time, and functioning at that same high level on gamedays.


    Complex 1
    Barbell Good Morning: 115.0x8, 135.0x8, 135.0x8
    Alternate Hammer Curl: 25.0x8, 25.0x8, 30.0x8
    Barbell Upright Row: 95.0x8, 95.0x8, 95.0x8
    Barbell Behind the Back (BTB) Wrist Curl: 50.0x8, 50.0x8, 50.0x8

    Complex 2
    Reverse Barbell Curl: 45.0x8, 45.0x8, 45.0x8
    Wide-Grip Lat Pulldown: 105.0x8, 105.0x8, 105.0x8
    Barbell Reverse Grip Row: 90.0x8, 90.0x8, 90.0x8
    Barbell BTB Wrist Curl: 55.0x8, 55.0x8, 55.0x8

    Complex 3
    Back Extensions - Hyperextensions: 20, 20
    Stability Ball Back Extension: 15, 15

    Feeling like I'm not going as hard as I can, the last set isn't as tough as I think it should be. So, I think I'll increase the weight on each of my last sets next time I'm in the gym. Part of my problem is I've been really undisciplined with my sleep schedule. Gotta really focus back in, get to bed at a decent time, start cleaning up my diet (especially when I get the McDonald book) and get working again.

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    July 23th, 2012

    Got to sleep a little earlier last night, which made waking up before six much easier. Got my workouts in between seven and nine this morning, and went to a camp/clinic this morning. Good start to the day, really.

    Today's workout was really focused on setting baseline times for lateral, linear, and multidirectional movements. Did a little footwork at the end, but that's it.

    Warm-Up (all 10 yards + 10 yard jog, down and back)
    High Knee Pulls
    High Knee Skips
    Forward Lunge
    Side Shuffle
    Kareoka w/ High Knee Drive
    Lateral High Jumps
    Lateral Lunge (right down, left back)
    Sumo Squat

    Comlex 1
    20-yard Sprint x 3: 3.21 sec.
    40-yard Sprint x 3: 5.46 sec.
    5-10-5 Shuttle x 3: 5.1 sec.
    Illinois Drill x 3: 13.42 sec.

    Complex 2
    Ladder - Icky Shuffle x 3
    Ladder - 2-in-1-out x 3
    (Both ladders, down and back w/ five-yard sprint)

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    July 24th, 2012

    Complex 1
    Dumbell Bench: 50.0x8, 50.0x8, 45.0x6
    EZ Bar Skull Crushers: 65.0x8, 55.0x8, 55.0x8
    Dumbell Arnold Press: 30.0x8, 30.0x8, 30.0x4 (fail on fourth rep)
    Dumbell Incline Fly W/ Twist: 30.0x8, 30.0x8, 25.0x8

    Complex 2
    Dumbell Incline Bench: 30.0x8, 30.0x8, 35.0x8
    Triceps Pushdown: 100.0x8, 100.0x8, 100.0x8
    Double Incline Shoulder Raise: 40.0x8, 40.0x8, 35.0x10
    Straight Arm Pushdown: 40.0x8, 50.0x8, 50.0x7 (failed about half-way down eigth rep)

    Addressing the drop in weight on the incline shoulder press in the second complex, it is due to muscle fatigue I was feeling from the bench presses. The shoulder raises themselves weren't holding me back, but I wasn't even able to get the dumbells above my shoulder without a lot of effort on the first two, so I needed to drop weight just to get them up.

    Felt like I got a better idea of where I am at strength wise, where my upper limit on these lifts is, and where my goals should be. I plan on pushing myself this hard on Thursday (pull) and Saturday (leg) as well, to get an idea where I stand on those as well. Good to see I'm closing in on my September goals so early! Do it to 'em, or don't do it at all.

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