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    36 years old last 7 months

    Well 7 months ago i was eating like a horse and lifting heavy, then I dislocated my shoulder on DEC 9th....which in turn meant that I kept eating like a horse and laying around.

    Well...I blew up by February into a fat mess.

    On Feb 12th I decided to get it toghther and lean up the diet...I went Paleo'ish and started counting calories.

    On April 5th I began training "Crossfit Style"

    1 week ago I began a Muscle building approach.... here is where I'm at so far.

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    Brilliant transformation, you must be well chuffed with your achievement? I’m looking to get similar results over the next 20 weeks.

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    Well done!
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    Fantastic work!!! What's your "secret"*?

    Kind Regards

    *I know, I know... Hard work, dedication, eating well, yada, yada, yada.... If only they could just come up with a pill** life would be so much easier!!!!

    **Not steroids!!! I'm thinking more nanotechnology....

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