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    Newbie question give it my all or hold back for next exercise

    I am starting out and trying to choose a routine. Several of the routines have back to back exercises that are similar for example

    Bench Press
    Inverted Bench Press

    Should I be giving it my all on the first bench press? Lifting the most I can lift and still accomplish the suggested reps so when I finish I am exhausted? Or should I be lifting less then I know I can in order to keep some in reserve for the second bench press I know I will be doing?

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    I would like to see what some of the more experienced guys have to say on this. My own program I do exercises back to back on the same muscles but in a slightly different way. In the early days I would get exhausted and struggle with the second exercise but nowadays I give everything on each exercise. Even when Im completely dead and cant do one more rep of one thing I somehow have enough strength to do the next thing.
    I do take a slightly longer rest (usually 2 min rather than just 1) in between 2 exercises so that might help.
    So in summary, my opinion is give everything on every exercise. And then be persistent untill you can do both or even more.

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    Thanks for the advice. It's good to know that if I keep at it I will be able to do all the exercises. I was just afraid that I would fundamentally be doing something wrong and never be able to get through it.

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