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    new to jefit. my routine what do you think.

    Monday arms
    all exercises increase in weight starting with ten reps then eight then six.
    alternate dumbbell curls x3
    triceps pushdown v bar x3
    straight barbell curl x3
    cable standing triceps extension x3
    preacher curl (v bar) x3
    cable rope overhead extension x3
    standing one arm dumbbell curl over preacher bench x3
    cable one arm triceps extension (reverse grip) x3

    the following i superset 2 mins between each super.
    bent over dumbbell twist & farmers walk x3

    Tuesday leg day (getting over a knee injury)
    1 set light dead lift (i use 135 to warm up the lower back and hams)
    barbell squats x3
    barbell front squats x3
    Bulgarian split squats x3
    barbell good morning x3
    the following i superset as heavy as possible 25 reps each
    (to gauge start with your bodyweight i use twice mine)
    standing calf raise & seated calf raise x3

    lastly i do side leg raises x3 ( don't laugh helps with knee stability)

    Wednesday chest day
    dumbbell incline press x3
    barbell bench press x3
    dumbell decline press x3
    dumbell incline fly x3
    barbell wide grip decline benchpress x3
    cable crosses x3
    machine decline bench press x3

    thursday shoulders
    dumbell arnold press x3
    superset barbell upright row with standing barbell shoulder press x3
    dumbell front raise x3
    dumbell lateral raise x3
    dumbell lying rear lat raise x3

    friday back day
    pull ups 10x10 (or 12 x10 depending upon how heavy i am)
    barbell deadlift x3
    t bar row x3
    underhand machine pulldown x3
    cable seated row x3

    this is the final day in my workout and so if you have a lagging body part (calves, tris, or whatever) take and do 2 more exercises of three sets. my biceps lag so i finish with 3 sets of really supinated dumbell curls two arms same time then i superset with hammer curls.

    thoughts opinions? (hopefully not rude) comments.

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    I'm no expert, but I did stay at a Holiday Inn Express last night, and I've been lifting for about a year now. I have a couple of suggestions which I think will help tweak your routine a little.

    Biceps - a little variation in the movements you do would probably help. Try a cross-body hammer curl and/or a DB Zottman curl
    Triceps - looks good, maybe swap out one of the cable movements for a DB Kickback.
    Also, since you are doing bi/tri on the same day, you would do your whole body a good thing by throwing in some pull-up/chin-up and dips at the end of the routine. You'll get your back and chest in the game which will help get every last shred of use out of your arms.

    Tuesday - That's a whole lot of squats. Be careful on that knee.

    Wednesday - looks good

    Thursday - You should throw in at least one (if not two) shrugging exercises in there. I usually go DB shoulder press, cable shrug (front), BB Front Raise, BB Shrug (rear, on the Smith machine), Cable lat raise, Cable Reverse Fly, then DB Cuban press. Your trapezoids (should muscles that stick up next to your neck) can handle a lot of weight on the shrugs. I'm a slim guy, and I do 3 sets of 220 lbs at 20+ reps on the cable shrug (I would use more weight, but the machine only has plates up to 200, plus four extra 5 lb weights). I then do 3 sets of 205 on the reverse shrug on the smith machine.

    Perhaps throw in a Back Extension or Superman exercise? Other than that, it looks good.

    You should add some abdominal workouts in there once or twice a week.

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    eh i don't really like to train abs very much mine grow to easy. sounds dumb but i get "muscle belly" as my gf calls it when i do too much ab work, but i have been doing planks on non-training days. I may try some other variation on my triceps, but i am sort of limited (bursitis) certain movements really aggravate it. thanks for the suggestions.
    and if i help anyone with their routine
    your welcome.

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    Try doing exercises where you can lift the most weight first. For example, on your chest day, you should be able to lift much more weight on a decline then you can on an incline. So, first, you would do decline, then flat, then incline.
    As for "muscle belly." That gave me a good laugh. Regardless, you should do more abs and lower back exercises. Strengthen those muscles you'll be lifting more and reducing risk of injury.

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    This is what i have been using for the last month and it has worked very well.

    MONDAY Chest and Biceps
    barbell bench press 4 sets
    barbell incline bench 3 sets
    Decline bench 3 sets
    machine flys 3 sets
    barbell drag curl 3 set
    barbell lying high bench curl 3 sets

    Tues Legs /abs
    squats 4 sets
    leg press 4 sets
    extentions 3 sets
    curls 3 sets
    seated calf raises 4 sets

    Wednesday back/triceps/forearms
    Wide pull ups 3 sets
    smith machine bent over rows 3 sets
    wide grip lat pull downs 3 sets
    hyperextentions 3 set 25lbs
    ez bar triceps extension 3 sets
    cable standing triceps extension 3 sets
    barbell close grip bench3 sets
    cable wrist curl 3 sets

    Thursday OFF

    Friday shoulders/traps/abs
    Dumbbell front raises 3 sets
    dumbbell arnold press 3 sets
    cable front raise 3 sets
    dumbbell rear delt row 3 sets
    smith machine shrug 3 sets

    incline dumbbell curl 3 sets
    barbell wide grip standing curl 3 sets
    ez bar reverse curls 3 sets
    dips 4 sets
    cable one arm tricep extension 3 sets

    Sun off

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